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  3. Send chart via HTML email

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  4. Hi Team, I have one query related to Fusion Charts XT we are facing problem that Fusion Charts XT has huge basic and advanced customization property and some property common for all chart and some are specific to chart so it's difficult to us to check every single property with every chart Is there any way to get chart specific basic and advance customization property? looking for your response Thanks
  5. I have a column chart display (with scroll) and with multiple plots. I want to know if I can increase the width of the columns being rendered. I have two plots being displayed and their data values are overlapping. If there is a better solution, please advise. See attached image for the reference.
  6. err_spdy_protocol_error is a common error that one get while surfing websites on chrome browser. In this post, we will discuss the reason behind error and their solutions.Follow the step by step Guide : err_spdy_protocol_error
  7. Drill-Down Chart from DB on Same Page

    Hello, Please refer the code we have shared in our earlier response, and try to implement your requirement by your end.
  8. Drill-Down Chart from DB on Same Page

    Prerana. One problem I have with the sample code. It seems I have to manually write each year in the code. $arrDataMonth[2011]["linkeddata"] = array(); $arrDataMonth[2012]["linkeddata"] = array(); How do I get this to list the years automatically please? // data for linked chart will start from here, SQL query from quarterly_sales table $year = 2011; $strQuarterly = "SELECT Quarter, (Sales * 20) as Sales , Year FROM quarterly_sales WHERE 1"; $resultQuarterly = $dbhandle->query($strQuarterly) or exit("Error code ({$dbhandle->errno}): {$dbhandle->error}"); // if the query returns a valid response, preparing the associative JSON array for child chart if ($resultQuarterly) { $arrData["linkeddata"] = array(); // `linkeddata` is responsible for feeding data and chart options to child charts. $arrDataMonth[2011]["linkeddata"] = array(); $arrDataMonth[2012]["linkeddata"] = array(); $arrDataMonth[2013]["linkeddata"] = array(); $arrDataMonth[2014]["linkeddata"] = array(); $arrDataMonth[2015]["linkeddata"] = array(); $arrDataMonth[2016]["linkeddata"] = array(); $i = 0; if ($resultQuarterly) { while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($resultQuarterly)) { // collect the year for which quarterly drilldown will be created $year = $row['Year']; // create the monthly drilldown data $arrMonthHeader[$year][$row["Quarter"]] = array(); $arrMonthData[$year][$row["Quarter"]] = array();
  9. Drill-Down Chart from DB on Same Page

    Hello, Glad to know that it helped. P.S To know about Fusion Play, please drop an email at [email protected]
  10. I am on FusionCharts XT 3.2.2 SR1 and it is a "MSCombiDY2D" chart. It renders fine in flash. Regards.
  11. Drill-Down Chart from DB on Same Page

    Thank you Prerana. That has massively helped me. I still need to figure out some parts but hopefully I should be ok now. Thanks again. Jamie. ps. Any idea when Fusioncharts Play will be available?
  12. Get DrillDown chart linked data from Ajax

    Hi, Please check your implementation once. According to your query, you are doing the AJAX call for fetching data for child chart and please check whether you are calling setJSONData FusionCharts API method for appending the linked chart JSON/XML structure with parent chart JSON/XML structure or not. Yes, you could fetch the child chart JSON/XML structure through AJAX call within dataPlotClick FusionCharts API event but according to your requirement, you need to append the fetched JSON/XML structure for child chart with the parent JSON/XML structure for rendering child chart anyway. Please note FusionCharts provide beforeDrilldown , beforeLinkedItemOpen API events which may be included according to your requirements. Please visit for further reference regarding FusionCharts beforeDrillDown API event, Same way also you could visit regarding beforeLinkedItemOpen FusionCharts API event. Regarding setJSONData FusionCharts API method please visit Hope this would help.
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  14. Labels on the right

    Hi, As of now, the values could not be shown side wise for scatter charts. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. v.setChartMessage is not a function

    Yes, I received those messages, which clarified your understanding of the issue. But I have no solution. Thank you
  16. draw small plot when value = 0

    Hi, already saved the problem. Found ou that there was a problem with Firefox. thanks
  17. draw small plot when value = 0

    Hi, Kindly update the js fiddle with your chart data source replicating the problem, so that we could look into it properly. Sample fiddle -
  18. draw small plot when value = 0

    I have another strange problem. I add data from another db table to my chart at the first place. I add everything exactly the same way and it's drawn in the table. I have added "valueFontBold" => "1" to my chart, but the first two stacks are not displayed in bold. Do you maybe know where my problem is ?
  19. Labels on the right

    Hello, in a scatter chart, is there a way to display the values labels on the right (or left) of the rendered point? To better explain, I have a series of points that always have an empty space left or right (see attachment) while above or below there might be another point (which would render the value unreadable). Thank you very much, Francesco
  20. v.setChartMessage is not a function

    Hi, Apologies for the inconvenience. We have shared our response through [email protected] (ticket id#519812) on Thu, 7 Sep at 11:23 AM, kindly let us know that whether you have received the response or not.
  21. Drill-Down Chart from DB on Same Page

    Hello, Thanks for the query. Please refer the sample given below for the implementation.
  22. v.setChartMessage is not a function

    I could still use some help here please. Thank you.
  23. Is non-breaking space supported?

    I'm wondering how to use non-breaking space with Fusion Charts. It seems to be treating non-breaking space as normal space. I've played around with a number of scenarios, for example using &#xA0; in the caption, or using &nbsp; and &#160; In all the cases I tried, the non-breaking space was treated as a plain old space character. Here is example. Note the label for the first data point has been modified from the sample chart to include &#xA0;Q1. When I render this chart, I get a line break between Jan and Q1. <chart caption="Monthly revenue for last year" subcaption="Harry&#39;s SuperMart" xaxisname="Month" yaxisname="Revenues (In USD)" numberprefix="$" theme="fint"> <set label="Jan&#xA0;Q1" value="420000" /> <set label="Feb" value="810000" /> <set label="Mar" value="720000" /> <set label="Apr" value="550000" /> <set label="May" value="910000" /> <set label="Jun" value="510000" /> <set label="Jul" value="680000" /> <set label="Aug" value="620000" /> <set label="Sep" value="610000" /> <set label="Oct" value="490000" /> <set label="Nov" value="900000" /> <set label="Dec" value="730000" /> </chart> Here is the JavaScript, nothing fancy: var myChart = new FusionCharts({ "type": "column2d", "renderAt": "chartContainer", "width": "500", "height": "300", "dataFormat": "xmlurl", "dataSource": "data.xml" });
  24. Plot value format

    Hi, Please note scaling the data plot values in hh :mm :ss format is not possible natively, however, as a workaround, you could achieve this format number feature of FusionCharts. Please check the sample fiddle for reference -
  25. draw small plot when value = 0

    Yes, you could have a workaround based on your requirement. Welcome.
  26. draw small plot when value = 0

    Hi, set yaxisminvalue to -0,1, so the little plot of 0 values is visible and looks good. Thank you for your help!
  27. draw small plot when value = 0

    Hi, FusionCharts plots the data plots from the zero plane internally, so if the data value is 0 setting yaxisminvalue to lower than 0 would set the y-axis values but the data would be plotted from the zero plane only, to showcase a proper visualization.
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