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  2. I have a fusion map of India showing states and I want to use drill down in such a way that when I click on Delhi, it should drill down to fusion map of Delhi and when i click on Mumbai it should drill down to fusion map of Mumbai etc. How should i use fusion map ConfigureLink() function for the mentioned scenario. I am able to do this, if it's a common drill down for both Mumbai and Delhi but getting difficulties in different drill downs at the same level. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
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  4. Hi, Please check the check the whether the path is set properly in the properties file, also please not that in the view page/the jsp page where you are adding the chart attributes please check whether you have provided the correct url to exporthandler attribute also you need to use exportAction attribute at the chart level and set its value as save For setting up private export server you can check our previous response to your earlier post.
  5. My web application is meant to be able to export server-side generated charts with a save button. However, upon trying to save any charts that have been displayed in the application, I am greeted with a 404 error page from JBoss. I'm running Linux Mint 17.3. The web application runs on top of Apache, JBoss 3.0.0-CR2, and Java SDK 1.7. It was built with Maven. I've attached a screenshot below. My question is this: why am I getting a 404 error, and where does the issue actually come from?
  6. FusionCharts can be rendered using many server side language like, PHP, Java and Python, and the data can be fetched from the database as well. For fetching data from the database and rendering pie chart based , try to fetch the data from the data base using sql query and then structure the data in FusionCharts format using the data structure of the server side language. Then finally apply this datasource in the FusionCharts constructor object. If you are still facing any problem, please let us know which server side language you are using also the sql file so that we can assist you further.
  7. Hi, Apologies for the delayed response. Please share us a dummy application just show casing your problem. So that we can replicate the issue at our end.
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  9. Hi, Does the FusionCharts archive include sample PHP code for running a Gantt chart from the server side? I’ve been trying to adapt the multiseries Col2d example listed below. It uses a single table with four columns, then has a “while” loop run through each row to load four arrays. For Gantt, I’ve tried three “while” loops to run through Category, Process, and Task tables. But I don’t really know PHP and haven't been able to get it working. I’m hoping somebody at FusionCharts has done a server-side implementation of the Gantt chart for PHP. Thanks! Bill
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  15. Hi, As you said I have checked category and data object data for each category and data "|" included at first, I have removed it and tried again still the page Unresponsive. I have shared the code I can't share the whole application. please check it. Thanks.
  16. SELECT gender, COUNT(*) AS COUNT FROM markers GROUP BY gender;
  17. Hi, I am trying to create a piechart under the following circumstances: My each row in my table contains a gender. I want to be able to sum up the number of males and females and then plot that in a pie chart. The query that I am using SELECT SUM(gender = 'male') AS male, SUM(gender = 'female') AS female FROM markers; presents 2 columns (male and female) with a count below. How is it possible to get this into the array for the chart seeing that the data required should be by row rather than column? Query Results: | male | female | | 23 | 43 | Should be | male | 23 | | female | 43 | Thanks Steve
  18. Hi, We analysed the code which you shared, and we came to the conclusion that, the category or the data object data's are not forming properly. Please share us complete application dump, so that we can replicate this at our end. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. I have reduced the width and height as mentioned in the following link still, I am getting error: <rect> attribute width: A negative value is not valid.("-12"), <rect> attribute height: A negative value is not valid ("-4") at a._setFillAndStroke @ fusioncharts.js:474 a._engine.rect @ fusioncharts.js:497. and then after sometime Browser saying Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display the web page. I am using Fusioncharts @version 3.12.0 Could you please help me to resolve this issue...
  20. Hello, Thanks for the query. Your requirement is achievable using real time line chart and feedData method which feeds real time data to the chart. Please refer the sample fiddle given below for the implementation.
  21. Hi Ayan, In my case, there will be hundred's of metrics for each metric I have to show the Graph for that one I was using pagination "LoadMore" button. By default I am showing 5 graphs if he clicks on load more button I am sending the five more metrics and get the data and parsing it to the fusion charts to display the graph. //Logic to get data, $scope.allMetrics contains the list of all metrics $scope.allMetricsScatter = function() { $scope.showScatterErrorMessage = false; // array of metrics stored in metricsData MessageBus.broadcast("metricsData",$scope.allMetrics); var i = 1; var metrics = false; // logic to send five metric names $.each($scope.allMetrics,function(metricindex,metricName){ if(i%6 == 0){ return; } metrics = true; // here in this generateScatterGraphss method will send the metric name to get the data for each metric, inside this we will call the "generateScatterGraph method" generateScatterGraphss(metricName,"name"+i); $scope.showLoadMore = true; i++; }) } // function to get the data by sending metric name function generateScatterGraphss(metricName,renderchartId) { var selectedmetricName = metricName; $http({ method : "GET", url : baseUrl +"/canaries/metricdata?id="+$scope.canariId+"&metric="+selectedmetricName, params : { isBoxplotData : false}, headers : { 'Accept' : 'application/json', 'Content-Type' : 'application/json' }, }).error(function(error) { }).success( function(response) { if(response.version1.success == "true" && response.version2.success == "true"){ $scope.showSpinner = true; $scope.showScatterMessage = false; $scope.showScatterErrorMessage = false; $scope.ver1DatawithDateFormat = (,b){ return a.x-b.x; }) $scope.ver2DatawithDateFormat = (,b){ return a.x-b.x; }) } generateScatterGraph(metricName, $scope.ver1DatawithDateFormat , $scope.ver2DatawithDateFormat,renderchartId); }) } // code for displaying the Graph, here i am parsing the data and renderchart id which will dynamically creates id for each metric function generateScatterGraph(metricName, version1Data,version2Data,renderchartId) { FusionCharts.ready(function() { var selectivityChart = new FusionCharts({ type : 'zoomline', renderAt : renderchartId, width : 1040, height : 450, dataFormat : 'json', dataSource: { "chart": { "caption": metricName, "paletteColors": "#0075c2,#ff0000", "xaxisname": "Time", "yaxisname": "Values", "showvalues": "0", "yaxisminValue": "0", "forceAxisLimits" : "1", "yaxismaxValue": "1", "pixelsPerPoint": "0", "pixelsPerLabel": "55", "theme" : "fint", "compactdatamode" : "1", "dataseparator" : "|", "labelHeight": "50", "linethickness" : "1", //Customizing anchor properties "anchorRadius": "4", "anchorBorderThickness": "2", //Theme }, "categories": [{ "category" : version1Data[0].category, }], "dataset":[{ "seriesname": "Baseline", "data": version1Data[0].data }, { "seriesname": "Comparison", "data": version2Data[0].data }] } }); selectivityChart.render(); }); $scope.i++; } <div align="center" > <div id="name{{$index+1}}" ng-repeat="item in metricsForItearion | limitTo: itemsLimit()"> </div> </div> <div class="text-center"> <button class="btn btn-lg btn-color" id="loadMore" ng-show="hasMoreItemsToShow()" ng-click="showMoreItems()">Load more</button> </div> Sometimes the graphs are showing up perfectly but sometimes graphs are loaded and then the following error appears on console you can find in the below screenshot after some times I can't event close the tab its freezing. Thanks you.
  22. Hi, As per the fiddle link which you shared we can not replicate the problem. However the screenshot which you shared below seems to be implemented with different data source, kindly replicate the problem in a js fiddle and share us the updated url. Awaiting your responses.
  23. I want to add point to line chart every sec without refresh. Please help me.
  24. Hi Here fiddle link for my code Instead of date format in category, I am using the relative time value. As shown in the below screenshot. Dynamically loading the multiple graphs based on pass-fail other selection. The graphs are showing up but sometimes while loading only the page become unresponsive and getting an error in the console like Error: <rect> attribute width: A negative value is not valid. ("-12")) in multiple times Thanks you.
  25. Hi, We checked export server using Wildfly server ( previously known as JBoss AS) and its working fine at our end. Kindly,check whether the Jboss server has been configured properly or not. Also please please refer this doc url to set up a private export seerver in Java -
  26. Hi, Please replicate the above scenario in js fiddle or kindly share us the sample, so that we can investigate it further.
  27. Hi, I am using fusioncharts for displaying multiline zoom chart for relative time with different values, Sometimes its hanging and getting error "Error: <rect> attribute width: A negative value is not valid. ("-12") " then page becomes unresponsive need to reload the page. Browser: Chrome, Firefox Fusioncharts version: @version 3.12.0 I have seen the solution But in my case I was using relative time value instead of date format. tried by reducing the width of the plot but still its killing the page. Thanks for your help.
  28. php

    Hi, Thanks for replying back, from the latest version for getting the svg string using FusionCharts api method getSVGString you have to provide a callback Function if asyncRender is set to 1 (default) where you get the svg-string as a parameter of the callback function. Please check this sample fiddle for reference - Also please note, that from version 3.12.0 asyncRender is to 1 by default when a chart is rendered. FCImg is a third party tool, we dont provide support for that, however you can easily export chart into images by using exportEnabled attribute at the chart level and setting it to 1 For details regarding export feature please refer this doc url - Or you can also set up private export server in PHP, for using this feature please go through this page -
  29. I would love it if FC would dynamically adjust the labels based on the amount of space available in a consistent way. The two solutions you offered (thanks for that!) both forced static quantity of labels. In my example, FC is changing the labels showing (desirable) but doing so very erratically. In one case, it leaves large spaces when it could be showing without any overlap all the requested labels (one each hour). In the other case, it is showing all the expected labels but only in the middle section leaving the first and last third of the chart void of labels. Neither one of those seems like reasonable expected output. If I have to, I'll code to manually show a specific number of visible labels based on the smallest normal width as we did in the older version but it seems like the dynamic labeling isn't working correctly leaving "random" labels out. In the current case, we have 48 labels (one for each hour) on approximately 288 categories (6 data points per hour) which would fit easily on my 4k monitor and fits, though more tightly, on a 1920 window.
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