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  2. Hi, As of now you can not change the shape of the svg path to round natively.
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    Hi, You need to render FusionCharts with the prescribed JSON or XML format. Please implement a custom function to read the csv data or from excel file to convert into the FusionCharts prescribed JSON or xml structure and render the chart.
  4. For line and area charts, you seem to already set internally the standard stroke-linecap and stroke-linejoin SVG attributes (in a path) to the "round" value. Is there any way to access and change them through a JSON option? If not, how can we change them directly after the chart is rendered? I tried with jQuery $("path").attr("stroke-linecap", "..."); before and after the render() call, or within renderComplete event, but it did not work. Thanks, Cristian
  5. Thanks for the reply... what you are saying is helpful and I will try to modify the input data. I was hoping for a fusion charts solution, as I don't see why anyone would want the zeroes to display in a multi-series column chart when the column is not visible.
  6. Hi, To hide the value '0' in your chart, you need to re-arrange your my_data object array in such a way that for the data where there is no value it should not display the value in the charts. For achieving this please use "showValue" attribute and set it to "0" for that particular scenario. For example according to your above fiddle for group 1 device 2 you are passing no value to it , so for that case in the data object array you need to specify in this way {"series":"group1", "type":"device2", "showValue":"0"}, which in return will hide the value '0' from the chart. For further reference please check this modified fiddle :
  7. Is it possible to run an SQL query on an Excel or a csv file (that has, say, 30 columns) and generate a chart dynamically? Basically, I am looking at one chart with a drop-down of options each running an SQL query on the csv file and generating the chart. Thank you!
  8. I have a multi-series chart that is displaying a '0' on the columns with zero as the value, however, that is confusing to the users (as there is no color to indicate the series that value represents.) How can I not display the '0' above those columns? Example here:
  9. Hey Yadanar, Please share a scaled down sample along with list of errors that you are getting at PHP side as well as in browser console, so that we can assist you further.
  10. I am now developing a PHP proj with Ethna framework.I am also use Fusion chart.I declare <FusionCharts.php> in action folder of Ethna framework and I create new FusionChart object in template file of Ethna framework .Then I called database data from action to template.But I can't call it.Plz help.
  11. Hello, To render real time line chart, please use datastreamurl attribute. To know more about data stram url, please visit this doc. Kindly refer the sample given below for the implementation. Time Line Charts with PHP and Thanks, Prerana Singh
  12. Hello, I have been working with Fusion Charts for quite some time now and the product is great. I am now trying to create a Real Time Line Graph using Fusion Charts with the data to be fetched from MySQL. Following your documentation for the same, I have successfully implemented "Line Chart". However if change the chart type to "realtimeline", the chart does not load. It says "No data to display". The code: if ($resulthum) { // The `$arrData` array holds the chart attributes and data $arrDatahum = array( "chart" => array( "caption" => "Real-time stock price monitor", "subCaption" => "Harry's SuperMart", "xAxisName" => "Time", "yAxisName" => "Stock Price", "numberPrefix" => "$", "refreshinterval" => "5", "yaxisminvalue" => "35", "yaxismaxvalue" => "36", "numdisplaysets" => "10", "labeldisplay" => "rotate", "showValues" => "0", "showRealTimeValue" => "0", "theme" => "fint" ) ); $arrDatahum["data"] = array(); // Push the data into the array while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($resulthum)) { array_push($arrDatahum["data"], array( "label" => $row["timestamp"], "value" => $row["humidity"] ) ); } /*JSON Encode the data to retrieve the string containing the JSON representation of the data in the array. */ $jsonEncodedDatahum = json_encode($arrDatahum); /*Create an object for the column chart using the FusionCharts PHP class constructor. Syntax for the constructor is ` FusionCharts("type of chart", "unique chart id", width of the chart, height of the chart, "div id to render the chart", "data format", "data source")`. Because we are using JSON data to render the chart, the data format will be `json`. The variable `$jsonEncodeData` holds all the JSON data for the chart, and will be passed as the value for the data source parameter of the constructor.*/ $columnCharthum = new FusionCharts("realtimeline", "myFirstChart2" , 600, 330, "chart-2", "json", $jsonEncodedDatahum); // Render the chart $columnCharthum->render(); // Close the database connection $dbhandle->close(); If you could please identify the mistake I am making, it would be great. Waiting for a reply soon. Abhijit Nathwani
  13. chart type not support

    Hi, Please check whether you have included all the necessary library files to render the chart, also please check the browser console if you are getting any error or not. If your problem is still not resolved please send us a scale down sample so that we can check at our end.
  14. Hi, No there is no limitations of number of charts could be embedded in a single page. Please check your implementations and include all library files for different genre of charts. Thanks
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  16. Hi, It is strange issue from few days. Created dashboard with multiple tabs ( kendo tabs) each tab have multiple charts. All the charts we are calling asynchronously using jquery ajax. When I ran the dashboard some of the charts showing "Chart type not Support" Error. Checked the chart data response also there is no issue i.e. pasted in fiddle working fine. It is big show stopper for me. Can you please suggest on this.
  17. I was actually asking about the number of charts that can be implemented in a single page, not the number of libraries. Like in our case we have used 140+ column charts in a single page. So is there any limit to the number of charts which if exceeded then it won't render? And the links to the Fusion Chart js files has been done in the head section only.
  18. I have divided the complete process into the following four easy-to-understand steps: Include the required JavaScript files Create the AngularJS app Define the chart controller Render the chart Step 1: Include the required JavaScript files We need the following three JavaScript dependencies to render our chart: AngularJS Library FusionCharts core package JS files FusionCharts Angular charts plugin We will include all the above files using the <script> tag, as shown in the code below: <html> <head> <!-- including AngularJS library --> <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/angular.min.js"></script> <!-- including FusionCharts core package files --> <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/fusioncharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/fusioncharts.charts.js"></script> <!-- including FusionChart Angular charts plugin --> <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/angular-fusioncharts.min.js"></script> </head> </html> Step 2: Create the AngularJS app Next, we need to create the Angular app and inject the ng-fusioncharts module, which is provided by the plugin that we have included in the previous step. This is how we do it: var app = angular.module('myChartApp', ['ng-fusioncharts']); Step 3: Define Chart Controller In this step, we will define a controller for our app. To achieve this, we will augment the controller scope with the dataSource and the chart configurations: app.controller('chartController', function($scope) { // chart datasource $scope.dataSource = { "chart": { // caption configuration "caption": "Highest Paid Actors", "captionFontBold": "0", "captionFontSize": "20", // more chart properties - explained later }, "data": [{ "label": "Leonardo", "value": "1" }, //more chart data ] }; }); Step 4: Render the Chart We are almost done now. To render the chart, we will add the fusioncharts directive inside the <div> tag where chart will be rendered. This is how we will do it: <div ng-controller="chartController"> <fusioncharts width= "100%" height= "400" type= "bar2d" dataFormat= "json" dataSource= "{{dataSource}}"> </fusioncharts> </div> When you’ve executed the above code, you should be seeing a live bar 2D chart. If your chart didn’t render, or you want to see the source code, check out this JSFiddle example. If you’d like to know know more about creating charts with AngularJS, you can refer to this developer documentation page.
  19. Hello, Thanks for replying back. Please share the entire code, there are few things which are missing, e.g - $numtot24hr, $arr24hr etc. However we have tried to render the chart using the data provided by you, and the issue was not getting replicated. Please find the sample fiddle given below for the reference.
  20. Hi, There is no limitation of adding library files I guess but it is totally depending on implementation. I would like to suggest you try to include JavaScript library files in the head section of the Razor view as shown in the blog link. Also I guess you have gone through the given blog link and please try to implement in the same way. Thanks
  21. Yes I have added all the script files as mentioned in the link.The charts are rendering properly during the second time of the request but not during the first time. Is there any limit to the maximum number of charts that can be used in a single page?
  22. Hi, Please check whether the required FusionCharts JavaScript library files(fusioncharts.js, fusioncharts.charts.js etc) files are included properly and FusionCharts ASP.NET wrapper has been used. Meanwhile please check the below given blog link on how to render FusionCharts in ASP.NET MVC Framework using Razor view. Thanks
  23. Hi Prerana, Sorry for being late with reply. I am attaching the code used as well as the screenshot of the overlapped chart. Please have a look and suggest a solution. Thanks, Aman arraysused.txt codeSnippet.txt
  24. Sorry, The attachments got immersed on top of the text. The issue i am having is that, with Chrome the Gantt chart is rendered as expected. However, with IE and Firefox only the first task is rendered. Please check the attachments above. Thanks, Aman
  25. Hey, I am plotting Gantt chart which renders fine using Chrome. However, using Firefox or IE , only the task is rendered. The whole thing is not plotted. I am attaching the screenshots of the results. Also I am attaching the code snippet I am using. Please let me know if there is an issue with the code or any other external factor that leads to different views while using different browsers. Thanks, Aman arrays_used.txt GanttChart_Code.txt
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