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  3. Hi guys. That's an old message (four years ago), so I have to ask: any change today? Does FusionCharts support crosshairs or trackballs (see this) today? Thanks, Cristian
  4. Goodmorning everyone, I have a problem with FusionCharts for IE. Specifically, in the export menu, I see all variances (PNG, JPG, SVG) but not XLS, while for other browsers everything works correctly. Is there some consideration to be taken? Thank you.
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  8. Clear the cache and cookies of the browser and Restart it. Also, Take a look at this guide for detailed solution:
  9. You are welcome.
  10. Hello, thank you so much for your answer. I will try to add additional buttons to drive the event.
  11. Hi, Unfortunately the export button can not be customized as text as of now, however you can export your chart using FusionCharts exportChart() api method which can be called on any javascript events and you can hide the export option button from the chart using exportShowMenuItem attribute at the chart level asn set its value as 0 Please refer this doc url - Also for further reference please check this sample fiddle -
  12. Hi all guys, I have a problem. I should change the export button to something more talkative, it would be nice to just write export data. But I have no idea if it can be done and how. Could you give me a hand?
  13. Thank you, Akash. All that is very helpful.
  14. Hi, Kindly, drop a mail to with your order details and query so that we can assist you quickly regarding this matter. Please note, we have already started working on the issue, we will keep you posted with the updates.
  15. Thank you Ayan for looking on this because I cannot deliver a broken chart to our customers.
  16. Hi, Please check the response of your above query from here
  17. Hi, We have forwarded your problem to the concerned team, we will get back with the updates shortly. Thank you for your patience.
  18. Hi, Yes, you could configure the bgImage using the below set of attributes accordingly. bgImageHAlign, bgImageVAlign : used to align the image vertically and horizontally, respectively. bgImageScale : used to increase or decrease the scale of the image. bgImageDisplayMode : used to specify the mode in which the background image is to be displayed. Refer to the documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
  19. Hi, I am just very happy with Alpha-possibility. The wish would be also to set picture in pixel to the right or button. Maybe is only possible to align by "bgImageValign" or "bgImageHalign". There is no other possibility?
  20. Hi, Attribute "canvasBgAlpha" reference link : Attribute "plotFillAlpha" reference link : Hope this helps. Thanks, Akash.
  21. Hi Akash, that is good and useful for me. Thank you very much for this hint. It is possible to set picture also in the center alignment of the heatmap maybe or to set position more right? I did not find something like that in the documentation.
  22. Hi, Are you looking for any sort of implementation as in the below fiddle : This has the alpha set, to make it transparent so that the image in the background is visible, and the labels are visible in the foreground. Thanks, Akash.
  23. Hi, would be just very great, if it was possible to set the picture not in the labels. Is there anybody who is able to advise me or is that impossible by fusionCharts? "chart": { "theme": "fint", "toolTipColor" : "#333", "toolTipBgColor" : "#FFF", "bgImage" : "../bilder/1.gif", "bgImageValign" : "middle", "alpha" : '30', "plotFillAlpha" : '30', "showPlotBorder": "1" . . . The Alpha values don't make picture visible. Have the background-property any sense in the heatmap from fusionCharts? IN FIDDLE
  24. Ayan, it is happening only on 1920 x 1080 resolution. If you zoom the image I uploaded, the difference in quality is visible. I am using the example posted on your website. I have to mention that at the moment I am using a 2560 x 1600 resolution and I am not seeing the problem. If I change to 1920 x 1080 I can see the problem.
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  26. Hi, On investigating the problem I found that on both the version the x and y values of the rect element are in decimal, also the chart quality seems to be fine from my end, please check the image for details
  27. Hi Ayan, there have to be some little sqare areas of some coords on the body of this person. Like shown on this picture. The areas must have the size of the neck of this person. So the image is the most important issue, not a design. Every sqare area in the size of the neck have a collection of coordinates. Polygon-Areas would be the greatest thing, but maybe not with fusionCharts.
  28. Hi, Kindly set the width of the chart as 100%, this will fix your problem if you are using FusionCharts 3.11.3 Refer this sample fiddle -
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