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  1. Thanks for your time to reply, Below is the code I use: "&data=[seriesName=Charts For:] " & If ( Charts::g_DB_B = 1 ; "&data=[seriesName=B-Fast] " & Data_Value_B ; "" ) & If ( Charts::g_DB_L = 1 ; "&data=[seriesName=Lunch] " & Data_Value_L ; "" ) & If ( Charts::g_DB_D = 1 ; "&data=[seriesName=Dinner] " & Data_Value_D ; "" ) & If ( Charts::g_DB_N = 1 ; "&data=[seriesName=Night] " & Data_Value_N ; "" ) & If ( Charts::g_DB_A = 1 ; "&data=[seriesName=Average] " & Data_Value_A ; "" )
  2. Maybe I can simplify my question without going through the details of my project. Simply put, how do I allocate a colour for every chart plot even if the number of charts change. i.e. Say we have two column charts for Data "A" and Data "B". I want Data "A" column to always be RED, and Data "B" column to always be GREEN, even if column "A" disappears. Because at the moment if column "A" disappears then column "B" turns into RED instead of its original GREEN. I hope this is easier.
  3. I'm using V3 for FileMaker and trying to control the color of five chart plots. I've five chart plots which I control if they show or not by five checkboxs one for each chart plot like this:- If ( Charts::g_DB_A = 1 ; "&data=[seriesName=A]" & Substitute($$AvRead1;"¶";";"); "" ) If ( Charts::g_DB_B = 1 ; "&data=[seriesName=B]" & Substitute($$AvRead1;"¶";";"); "" ) etc... all the way to g_DB_E The field g_DB_A is a checkbox. If it is selected to = 1 then a chart is plotted with these values, (name is "A" and value is extracted from $$Avread1) and if the checkbox is de-selected then everything is nulled and no chart will be plotted for "A". the same goes for all the series A, B, C, D, and E. The colors of all five charts are consistent when all chechboxs are selected, however, once I de-select any one of the the checkboxes then the colors get swopped between the charts because now one chart plot is nulled therefore missing. I assume that is because of the pallete auto coloring. Example: (A is RED, B is GREEN, C is BLUE, D is PURPLE, and E is YELLOW). if I de-select checkbox for A then: (B becomes RED, C is GREEN, D is BLUE , E is PURPLE). My question is how can I control the colors so that each chart keeps its original color no matter what is selected or de-selected. I hope this makes sense.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I wanted to know if I can use those two attributes with v3 or is that feature not available in v3. you see I don't want to upgrade yet as this is for private and personal use and didn't want to pay the $279/Yr.
  5. Hi Folks, I'm on Fusion Charts for FileMaker v3. I'v a chart created and working fine, I'm trying to limit the start and end of the vertical scale. (say instead of starting at Zero, I wish the chart to start at lowest data -10 and top of the chart to read the Max. data +10) Now I understand that there is an attribute "yAxisMinValue" and "yAxisMaxValue", However I can't get them to work. If add those attributes my chart turns totally black. Any help please. Regards Salman
  6. Hi All, I am puzzled, I am charting for 3 different fields with MS, the charting for one of the fields works perfectly but the other two don't even though the script is identical with the write corrections for the fields obviously. What I get istead of the chart is this: "This text will be replaced by the chart. If you do not see the chart, make sure that: You've Flash Player 8 (or above) installed for this browser. If not, you may install it for FREE from The FusionCharts URL (Querystring) built by your FileMaker code is correct. If not, use the FusionCharts debugger to debug it. You've JavaScript enabled for your browser." I have flash player 10.1, Java is enabled but the debugger I am not sure I fully understand. I am using WinXp, FMP 11, and Google Chrome. Thanks