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  1. For line and area charts, you seem to already set internally the standard stroke-linecap and stroke-linejoin SVG attributes (in a path) to the "round" value. Is there any way to access and change them through a JSON option? If not, how can we change them directly after the chart is rendered? I tried with jQuery $("path").attr("stroke-linecap", "..."); before and after the render() call, or within renderComplete event, but it did not work. Thanks, Cristian
  2. Thanks a lot! -Cristian
  3. How do you set the opacity for candlestick series? For most other chart types, I used plotFillAlpha, but this does not seem to apply to candlesticks. I also tried bull/bearfillalpha, hoping there is one for bull/bearfillcolor. What I am looking for is to set semi-transparent series colors for all candle bodies from candlestick charts. Much appreciate it, -Cristian
  4. Thank you, Prerana.
  5. You support Step Line, but not Step Area, which I was trying to emulate somehow. 1) Using Step Line, is there any way we could fill in the area below with a color/alpha? 2) Using Area, I tried to add additional points to make it look like a Step Area. But this required more than one value per category label, which you do not support. Is there any other way to do this? Help me please, -Cristian
  6. I see you have 3D demo charts you call this way, but these are regular stacked charts displayed in 3D. Can you also show the columns/bars stacked one AFTER another, on the z axis, like here? They are sometimes called grouped or clustered columns/bars, and contrast with the side-by-side arrangement. Thanks, Cristian PS: just FYI (in case you don't have it and wonder to implement it) the feature is supported by most other apps showing 3D charts, like Highcharts, amCharts, AnyCharts, Syncfusion ejChart, Microsoft Chart control...
  7. Thanks, Prerana, but no, your fiddle shows rather a histogram. A simple "step area chart" in google returns, in first page alone, examples from many of your competitors: Google Charts, AnyChart, CanvasJS, Infragistics, DevExpress, amCharts. And this is what I see in Google Images... Cheers, Cristian
  8. Most other chart apps have it, or can be emulated from a Step Line, with colored area below. I tried to do it on FusionCharts, but no effect. Something like options.type = "msstepline"; options.dataSource.chart.plotFillAlpha = "50"; will still produce a step line (the area below is not filled). And "mssteparea" or "steparea" are not known as chart types. Best Regards, -Cristian
  9. Thanks Ayan. But I was not talking about animation... In your fiddle, the Teenage slice is first from the top-right in most other apps, not the top-left. But this gave me an idea anyway: it seems enough to reverse the order of data points before sending it to the chart, to get it clockwise! See the same fiddle with one simple reverse() call. Cheers, Cristian
  10. Just FYI, all other JavaScript chart libs we tested fill pie charts clockwise. But FusionCharts fills them from the right. Is there a way to make it fill pie slices clockwise? Thanks, -Cristian
  11. I'll bother with another related question, if you don't mind please... What about the line thickness in a candlestick chart, for the little stick going out of each candle? I tried with lineThickness, or even borderWidth, and no luck so far. (It worked fine setting the bear/bullFillColor and bear/bullBorderColor) Thanks, Cristian
  12. Thanks, Ayan, it looks great.
  13. I tried "options.dataSource.dataset[0].lineThickness = 5;", but it does not seem to work. I still get a series with 1px line. Same for "thickness". Regards, -Cristian
  14. I see that's an old topic, but the limitation is still there. I would suggest a quick alternative solution for most single chart types (like Bar or Column): use instead the related multi-chart type, but with one single series. I.e., use mscolumn2d instead of column2d, mscolumn3d instead of column3d, msbar2d instead of bar2d, msbar3d instead of bar3d etc.
  15. Please reconsider implementing this feature, it is a usability issue. For people having trouble recognizing plain image fills, patterns may help distinguish between different series. It's also good when you need printing but you have just black ink. The feature has been there for a long time in Highcharts, AnyChart, amCharts and Microsoft Chart, to name just a few. Cheers, Cris