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  1. Hi Ayan. we are in the process of downloading the upgraded version. Can you tell me, before we undertake the upgrade, what are the specific sections of code that have this fix? We would like to verify that the code change resolves the specific issue we are seeing. Also, can you confirm whether or not we need to assign special setting parameters to fix the wrap issue, even with the upgraded software in place?
  2. Hi Ayan, we can't upgrade immediately due to our development calendar, but need to address this issue if possible with a workaround until we plan and execute the upgrade into our dev schedule. Can you tell me a bit more about what 3.12 changes were made to resolve this issue in 3.11? Also, is the fix in 3.12 dependent on setting legendIconScale=1 in chart settings?
  3. Hi Moonmi, I have what appears to be the same issue. We are on Version 3.11
  4. The XML file is blank. I have same question. Need to know how to show data values in legend. Thanks!