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Found 7 results

  1. I'm using a column chart (column2d) and adding a callout annotation on a dataset. How do I stop the callout from going outside the bounds of the chart area? Example: given the fiddle 1) add "textAlign":"right", to groups[{}] 2) change the callout so it displays on column 0 by changing all "$dataset.0.set.1" to "$dataset.0.set.0" When you run this you should see the callout text is chopped off at the left since it is outside the chart area Sure I can change the starting x co-ordinate of the CalloutBase, but I would need potentially to alter this for every dIndex in the dataset, so that's not very practical (when I have a large number of data points each with a different and variable message) Is there some parameter I'm missing? Or do you have any other suggestions for a way to keep the text within the chart area? Many thanks James {FC XT 3.12}
  2. The text align and vAlign parameters seem to work wrong on annotations. Example: given the fiddle 1) to make it easier to see the effect, shorten the CalloutLabel text slightly to just "text": "Biggest Quarter" 2) add "align":"left", to CalloutLabel When you run this, the text is seemingly aligned to the right. Similarly align;right actually appears as left- alignment. I'm not sure if this is an actual bug or some artifact resulting from placing the x co-ordinate at the column itself rather than using a pixel offset, i,e, "x": "$dataset.0.set.1.x", Thanks James {FC XT 3.12}
  3. When using column charts (column2d) and adding a callout annotation, the annotation is hidden behind other columns. (i.e. a lower stacking order). Example: given the fiddle change the value for Q1 to 40000. The column for Q1 now appears on top of the annotation. (Note this also happens with line charts but is obviously more noticeable with columns.) {FC XT 3.12}
  4. Hello, I use stacked2dbar like in this fiddle: and I want to insert annotations like these in this picture: Is that possible and how to get these annotations inside the bar?
  5. Hi, I am using the Free FusionCharts, version 3.5.0 with ASP.NET MVC5 I am able to export my fusion chart to PDF successfully, but the annotations and background image is not pulling through(Not showing on the PDF). Why could this be ? I know that ti must be something simple, but I have been struggling for the past day. Please help. Thanking you in advance.
  6. Hi There, There seems to be problem with using macros with annotations. If I set my chart with to 1000px then fusion chart will plot all the X Axis labels and the annotations will draw correctly. However, if the chart size is set to 700px then the annotations marked against the label hidden by fusion charts start to display at the far left hand. How do I fix it. I am using the chartEndY to ensure that I am able to increase the height of the chart without having to adjust the annotations position. I am not able to post the chart data - XML as forum does not support posting long data. Please get in touch to get the chart data Kind Regards, Bharat
  7. Hi! I would like your help I'm trying to get a circle in the end of the dial (between the angular gauge radius), can someone give me a tip how i can accomplish that ? I was trying to do it with annotations but its hard to establish the (x,y) needed for the center. Thanks, Luis Bessa