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Found 27 results

  1. Chart image quality in version 3.12.1 has decreased significantly. Previously we were using 3.9.0 and the quality of the generated charts was good. After upgrade, we have noticed that charts quality went down significantly. Column bar edges, for example, is not sharp, but blurry. I have attached a screenshot with a Fiddle. The example is the one you have in your website. After a investigation we have found the cause to be the x and y values of the <rect /> that are not integers. When the numbers are integers, the edges look fine. See attached image. We have noticed that this happens on some resolutions only. From our experience, you will be able to reproduce the issue on 1920x1080 resolutions.
  2. Hello, I'm looking to create a column chart that looks similar to what's shown in the attachment. Can you please provide some guidance on the steps I may be able to take to reproduce such a result? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to pass an xml string into the datasource argument and I keep getting an invalid data message when I load the page. Any help would be appreciated. <head> <title>FusionCharts XT - Column 2D Chart - Data from a database</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css" /> <!-- Include the `fusioncharts.js` file. This file is needed to render the chart. Ensure that the path to this JS file is correct. Otherwise, it may lead to JavaScript errors. --> <script src="fusioncharts/fusioncharts.js"></script> </head> <?php include("fusioncharts/fusioncharts.php"); $servername = "localhost"; $username = "*****"; $password = "****"; $dbname = "***"; // Create connection $dbhandle = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); // Check connection if ($dbhandle->connect_error) { die("Connection failed: " . $dbhandle->connect_error); } $dbhandle = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); // Render an error message, to avoid abrupt failure, if the database connection parameters are incorrect if ($dbhandle->connect_error) { exit("There was an error with your connection: ".$dbhandle->connect_error); } // Form the SQL query that returns the top 10 most populous countries $strQuery = "SELECT * FROM scores"; //$retval = mysql_query( $sql, $conn ); // Execute the query, or else return the error message. $result = $dbhandle->query($strQuery) or exit("Error code ({$dbhandle->errno}): {$dbhandle->error}"); //while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { // echo "Category :{$row['category']} <br> ". // "score : {$row['score']} <br> ". // "--------------------------------<br>"; // } $strXML ="'<chart><categories>"; // If the query returns a valid response, prepare the XML string if ($result) { // The `$arrData` array holds the chart attributes and data //$arrData["data"] = array(); // Push the data into the array while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { $strQuery2 = "select * from desirescores where ID =" . $row['ID']; //echo $strQuery2; $result2 = mysqli_query($dbhandle, $strQuery2) or die(mysqli_error()); $ors2 = mysqli_fetch_array($result2); //Generate <set label='..' value='..'/> //free the resultset $strXML .= "<category label='" . $ors2['category'] . "' />"; mysqli_free_result($result2); } } $strXML .= "</categories><dataset seriesName='Athlete Scores'>"; $strXML .="<set value='35' /><set value='48' /><set value='31' /><set value='40' /><set value='36' /><set value='36' /><set value='36' /><set value='36' /></dataset></chart>'"; echo $strXML; $radarChart = new FusionCharts("radar", "myFirstChart" , 600, 300, "chart-1", "XML", $strXML); $radarChart->render(); $dbhandle->close(); ?> <div id="chart-1"><!-- Fusion Charts will render here--></div>
  4. I have got a problem about using this plugin on 3.9 version. When I use the current version the error "Chart type not supported" appears in some graphics. However, when using version 3.3 the error does not occur. Follows the returned error when active debug: "[FusionCharts] fired "error" event. #11171116151 FusionChartsHC-interface~renderer.load Error >> Unable to load required modules and resources: charts". I'm using import fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.jqueryplugin.js. The other libraries are in the same directory (fusioncharts.charts.js and fusioncharts.widgets.js). Help?
  5. Hi there, Having a bit of an issue with a column on my chart not rendering and I'm not honestly sure why. The attached is a picture of how the graph is loading. The below is the XML being used to generate this graph: - <chart caption='Campaign Average Value' xAxisName='Send Date' yAxisName='Average Value (£)' showValues='1' adjustDiv='0' outCnvBaseFontSize='10' labelDisplay='ROTATE' slantLabels='1' rotateValues='1' placeValuesInside='1'> <categories> <category label='27/04/2015 12:01' /> <category label='18/05/2015 12:01' /> <category label='01/06/2015 12:02' /> <category label='08/06/2015 12:00' /> <category label='15/06/2015 12:02' /> <category label='22/06/2015 12:01' /> <category label='06/07/2015 12:02' /> <category label='13/07/2015 12:00' /> <category label='17/07/2015 12:00' /> <category label='24/07/2015 12:00' /> <category label='31/07/2015 12:02' /> <category label='07/08/2015 12:01' /> <category label='14/08/2015 12:01' /> <category label='21/08/2015 12:00' /> <category label='25/09/2015 12:01' /> <category label='02/10/2015 12:00' /> <category label='09/10/2015 12:00' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Average Value' color = '003399' > <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 7, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 8, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 6, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 9, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 5, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='12.71' toolText = 'Recipients: 7, Average Value: £12.71 (Total Revenue: £89.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 7, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='13.61' toolText = 'Recipients: 3, Average Value: £13.61 (Total Revenue: £40.83)' /> <set value='5.83' toolText = 'Recipients: 7, Average Value: £5.83 (Total Revenue: £40.83)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 5, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='1,899.50' toolText = 'Recipients: 10, Average Value: £1,899.50 (Total Revenue: £18,995.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 4, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='51.52' toolText = 'Recipients: 6, Average Value: £51.52 (Total Revenue: £309.12)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 8, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 3, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 6, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Recipients: 7, Average Value: £0.00 (Total Revenue: £0.00)' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Cumulative Average Value' color = 'BCBEC0' renderas='Line' showValues='0'> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £0.00, Cumulative Recipients: 7, Cumulative Total Revenue: £0.00' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £0.00, Cumulative Recipients: 15, Cumulative Total Revenue: £0.00' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £0.00, Cumulative Recipients: 21, Cumulative Total Revenue: £0.00' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £0.00, Cumulative Recipients: 30, Cumulative Total Revenue: £0.00' /> <set value='0.00' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £0.00, Cumulative Recipients: 35, Cumulative Total Revenue: £0.00' /> <set value='2.12' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £2.12, Cumulative Recipients: 42, Cumulative Total Revenue: £89.00' /> <set value='1.82' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £1.82, Cumulative Recipients: 49, Cumulative Total Revenue: £89.00' /> <set value='2.50' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £2.50, Cumulative Recipients: 52, Cumulative Total Revenue: £129.83' /> <set value='2.89' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £2.89, Cumulative Recipients: 59, Cumulative Total Revenue: £170.66' /> <set value='2.67' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £2.67, Cumulative Recipients: 64, Cumulative Total Revenue: £170.66' /> <set value='259.00' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £259.00, Cumulative Recipients: 74, Cumulative Total Revenue: £19,165.66' /> <set value='245.71' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £245.71, Cumulative Recipients: 78, Cumulative Total Revenue: £19,165.66' /> <set value='231.84' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £231.84, Cumulative Recipients: 84, Cumulative Total Revenue: £19,474.78' /> <set value='211.68' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £211.68, Cumulative Recipients: 92, Cumulative Total Revenue: £19,474.78' /> <set value='205.00' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £205.00, Cumulative Recipients: 95, Cumulative Total Revenue: £19,474.78' /> <set value='192.82' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £192.82, Cumulative Recipients: 101, Cumulative Total Revenue: £19,474.78' /> <set value='180.32' toolText = 'Cumulative Average Value: £180.32, Cumulative Recipients: 108, Cumulative Total Revenue: £19,474.78' /> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name='myValuesFont' type='font' size='9' color='000000' bold='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' borderColor='666666'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='DataValues' styles='myValuesFont' /> </application> </styles> </chart> Our current theory is that that bar is simply too large in comparison with the other values present but..... I need the Y axis to scale up to it and render appropriately. I'm not imposing a limit on the Y axis max value either so..... thoughts? Thanks for any help! EDIT: The relevant Set node is on line 32 of the XML. EDIT2: And of course this is using MS Column and Line 3d
  6. So, i have DB like these : +----------+------------+-------+ | Time | Date | A0 | +----------+------------+-------+ | 17:00:00 | 2015-06-23 | 100 | | 17:05:00 | 2015-06-23 | 120 | | 17:10:00 | 2015-06-23 | 200 | | 17:00:00 | 2015-06-24 | 200 | | 17:05:00 | 2015-06-24 | 190 | | 17:10:00 | 2015-06-24 | 200 | | 08:00:00 | 2015-06-25 | 90 | +----------+------------+-------+ and I use these code : <?php //We have included ../Includes/FusionCharts.php, which contains functions //to help us easily embed the charts. include("class/Includes/FusionCharts.php"); include("class/Includes/DBConn.php"); ?> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> FusionCharts XT - </TITLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript" SRC="fusioncharts/fusioncharts.js"></SCRIPT> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript" SRC="fusioncharts/themes/fusioncharts.theme.fint.js"></SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY> <?php $link = connectToDB(); $strQueryCategories = "select distinct Time from input where Date between '2015-06-23' and '2015-06-27' order by Time"; $resultCategories = mysql_query($strQueryCategories) or die(mysql_error()); $strQueryData = "select * from input where Date between '2015-06-23' and '2015-06-27' "; $resultData = mysql_query($strQueryData) or die(mysql_error()); $strXML = "<chart legendPostion='' caption='Konsentrasi CO2' subCaption='By Quantity' xAxisName='Time' yAxisName='Concentration (ppm)' showValues='0' formatNumberScale='0' rotateValues='1' theme='fint'>"; $strXML .= buildCategories ($resultCategories, "Time"); $strXML .= buildDatasets ( $resultData, "A0", "Date"); $strXML .= "</chart>"; echo renderChart("MSLine", "", $strXML, "FactorySum", 600, 300, false, true); mysql_free_result($resultCategories); mysql_free_result($resultData); mysql_close($link); function buildCategories ( $result, $labelField ) { $strXML = ""; if ($result) { $strXML = "<categories>"; while($ors = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $strXML .= "<category label='" . $ors[$labelField]. "'/>"; } $strXML .= "</categories>"; } return $strXML; } function buildDatasets ($result, $valueField, $controlBreak ) { $strXML = ""; if ($result) { $controlBreakValue =""; while( $ors = mysql_fetch_array($result) ) { echo" "; if( $controlBreakValue != $ors[$controlBreak] ) { $controlBreakValue = $ors[$controlBreak]; $strXML .= ( $strXML =="" ? "" : "</dataset>") . ( "<dataset seriesName='" . $controlBreakValue . "'>" ) ; } $strXML .= "<set value='" . $ors[$valueField] . "'/>"; } $strXML .= "</dataset>"; } return $strXML; } ?> </BODY> </HTML> But what I get is a chart with false value. the 1st value of A0 data at 2015-06-23 and 2015-06-24 are at 08:00:00 instead of 17:00:00, and so goes on for the other data. Please someone help me So the only data at 08:00:00 only 2015-06-25 data
  7. Hi there, I love the product, but I've run into a configuration issue that I'm not sure there's a solution for. Currently, when I set up a multiseries chart each dataset is plotted as soon as the chart is loaded. You can then click on the label to check or uncheck a particular data series, which removes it from the chart. I'm trying to set up a chart that has a TON of datasets (think 50ish), and would like to either default it so that only one is displayed on chart load, with the user having the option to add others when they want. Alternatively, is there a "check all" or "uncheck all" option? If all of them get loaded at the same time it would be nice if to clear them all out at once, rather than having to click on each individually. If anyone has any advice on this I'd love to hear it! Thanks
  8. Hello, Can you please let me know is there any possibility to show the table data dynamically in the chart as a detailed report. Here is the attached screenshot of the same which was generated using Jasper reports. Regards, Varma
  9. I have a script that plots dots using nv.models.scatterChart(). Although my input in .datum(data) is the same, it varies what dots are on top in the plot. How can I control which dots are on top? The problem is that some of the dots are hidden behind other dots which is not what I want. Thanks Ben
  10. I used to create this chart in Excel, and now I want to use FusionCharts to create it. The x-axis is date, while the y-axis is time. The grey area is the business hour of a room. (e.g. for 2014/04/01, the business hour is 08:00-16:00) The green/red areas mean the room is occupied by two parties. Just wondering if it is possible in FusionCharts. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I am first trying this as a basic way following the chart example and tutorial but it's not working at all. Debug gives no good reason as well. <html> <head> <title>My first gauge using FusionWidgets XT</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/fusioncharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/fusioncharts.widgets.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/themes/fusioncharts.theme.fint.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> FusionCharts.ready(function () { var csatGauge = new FusionCharts({ "type": "vled", "renderAt": "chart-container", "width": "400", "height": "250", "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { { "chart": { "upperlimit": "100", "lowerlimit": "0", "numbersuffix": "%", "majortmnumber": "11", "majortmcolor": "646F8F", "majortmheight": "9", "minortmnumber": "2", "minortmcolor": "646F8F", "minortmheight": "3", "majortmthickness": "1", "decimalprecision": "0", "ledgap": "0", "ledsize": "1", "ledborderthickness": "4" }, "colorrange": { "color": [ { "minvalue": "0", "maxvalue": "30", "code": "cf0000" }, { "minvalue": "30", "maxvalue": "60", "code": "ffcc33" }, { "minvalue": "60", "maxvalue": "100", "code": "99cc00" } ] }, "value": "95" } } }); csatGauge.render(); }); </script> </head> <body> <div id="chart-container">An angular guage will load here!</div> </body> </html>
  12. Hi, I've been tasked with trying to replicate a chart with FusionCharts which is currently created with Microsoft Excel. The chart I am trying to replicate is attached. Is it possible to create a chart like this? I've been trying for a few days without success. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Jason
  13. Hi there, I have a page that dynamically loads between 4-6 Gannt Charts each in a separate DIV etc. This all seems to work as expected however now I'm trying to have a loading image turn on and off based on what the chart is doing. So after some googling around I found out about FC_Rendered(). This worked as expected for my quick demo application, however putting it into the dynamic JS code just does not seem to work at all. Breakdown of code: (Code triggered using on success of a POST (if that matters)) var sc = "uniqueDivID"; var jsonObject = "the data"; var chartWidth = "700"; var chartHeight = "200"; if ( FusionCharts( "myChartId_"+sc ) ) FusionCharts( "myChartId_"+sc ).dispose(); var myChart = new FusionCharts( { swfUrl: "charts-v3.2/Gantt.swf", id: "myChartId_"+sc, width: chartWidth, height: chartHeight, debugMode: "0", RegisterWithJS: "1"}); myChart.setJSONData(jsonObject); myChart.render( sc ); FusionCharts.addEventListener("dataloaded", function(eventObj, eventArgs) { console.log(eventObj.eventType + " was raised by the chart whose ID is "; }); function FC_Rendered(DOMId) { alert ( DOMId + " chart has been rendered." ); } I get neither an alert or a log in my console. I've also gone through a bunch of EventListeners to see would other ones work and the only one that seems to work for me it the "Initialized" event. I've done a bunch of Googling and have tried the following solutions: Enabling RegisterWithJS (Still turned on atm) Changing my Flash Security Settings Changing browser (chrome,firefox) It is running using Apache locally. Moving the FC_Rendered function all around the file. (yes I've resorted to pasting and praying) So I'm really at a loss on how to proceed, any potential "gotchas" I've missed?
  14. Funnel chart doesn't render stages with zero amounts if there are no positive amounts at all. If there is at least one positive amount, stages with zero amounts will be rendered. Response for Does render.png: Response for Does not render.png:
  15. Dear who may it be concerned. I face with a problem and I need your help. Please guide me as soon as possible you can 1.How Can I draw a line in a middle of the Chart such as this chart How can I make my Max xAxis to double of data value? 2. I want to use persian font in outCnvBaseFont='b nazanin' and font='b nazanin' but it show only Arial font.
  16. Hi, I'm wondering it it is possible to render a stacked 3D bar chart with a thinner chart floor. Please see images attached. I'd like to render the chart with a thin floor (1, maybe 2 px) rather than the thick floor that renders by default. This: Instead of this: Thanks!
  17. Created an page for the chart added the Collaboration chart to the center zone (this will be the only web part used on the page Launched the wizard Imported data from a csv file thats hosted in the document library completed the Wizard then clicked finished Set Rendering for Java script Click finished. Then the page just states rendering data... My IE Page just freezes, My Chrome page just crashes, Firefox keeps prompting me about a rogue script..... Has anyone had this issue? How can i fix it? My Goal I have a bunch of csv files that i want to turn into web displayable charts and or reports these reports are generated from powershell scripts, Im running on Sharepoint EE 2010 Latest sp
  18. I was using a design with fluid width which mean the website width will auto resize when the browser resize and im currently tested FusionChart in my site, not problem during resizing browser, it work perfectly. But the problem only during when using native "Print", all the chart won't resize automatically and the width is over or shorter than container. Kindly advise a solution for this. code: var chart = new FusionCharts("js/fusionchart/MSCombi2D.swf", chartID, "100%", "200", "0", "0");
  19. Hi! I have a zoom line chart in my page. In Debug Mode using IE (it just happens with IE, in other browsers the error doesn't happen), when I click bar (to scroll my chart), I receive the following error message in Visual Studio: Unhandled exception at line 105, column 181 in http://localhost:50845/Res/Scripts/FusionCharts.HC.js 0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property 'call' of undefined or null reference If a run without debugging, the error doesn't happen and the scroll (by clicking bar) doesn't work. Please help!
  20. I'm using FusionCharts 3.2.1. Is there a way to use image as labels? For example I have a pie chart and in front of each label string I want to show a different image/icon.
  21. Fusioncharts, I am attempting to create a Flash 3D Stacked Column chart that will fallback to JS when using Safari/iPhone5. Javascript chart renders fine on desktop browsers (IE 8, Firefox 13.0.1). However, when attempting to view the chart on iPhone5 via Safari, the background is black (I have not explicitly set the bgColor or bgAlpha in the Chart XML). I have js libraries in my FusionCharts project folder (again, it's rendering JS fine on desktop browsers and not via iPhone/Safari). Another thing to note, the Javascript chart does render without the black background when running on a 2nd Generation iPad. Please advise. Thank you. <script src="/OMD/FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <!-- Using ASP.NET FusionCharts v3.2.2.1 Wrapper and JavaScript rendering --><!-- START Script Block for Chart summaryGraph --> <div id='summaryGraphDiv' > Chart. </div> <script type="text/javascript"> if (FusionCharts && FusionCharts("summaryGraph") ) FusionCharts("summaryGraph").dispose(); var chart_summaryGraph = new FusionCharts({"dataFormat" : "xml", "scaleMode" : "noScale", "renderAt" : "summaryGraphDiv", "id" : "summaryGraph", "debugMode" : "0", "lang" : "EN", "swfUrl" : "/OMD/FusionCharts/StackedColumn3D.swf", "wMode" : "opaque", "width" : "680", "height" : "350", "registerWithJS" : "1","dataSource" : "<chart animation='0' labelDisplay='Stagger' showLegend='0' showLabels='1' showSum='1' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='5' showNames='1' showValues='0' caption='Customers Out' decimalPrecision='0' formatNumberScale='0' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='1800'><categories><category label='AEP Ohio' /><category label='AEP Texas' /><category label='APCO' /><category label='Indiana Michigan' /><category label='Kentucky' /><category label='PSO' /><category label='SWEPCO' /><category label='Wheeling' /></categories><dataset seriesName='Confirmed'><set value='74' color='AFD8F8' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dAEP%2520Ohio%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, AEP Ohio, 74'/><set value='112' color='F6BD0F' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dAEP%2520Texas%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, AEP Texas, 112'/><set value='264' color='8BBA00' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dAPCO%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, APCO, 264'/><set value='114' color='A66EDD' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dIndiana%2520Michigan%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, Indiana Michigan, 114'/><set value='2' color='F984A1' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dKentucky%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, Kentucky, 2'/><set value='41' color='CCCC00' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dPSO%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, PSO, 41'/><set value='59' color='999999' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dSWEPCO%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, SWEPCO, 59'/><set value='3' color='0099CC' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dWheeling%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Confirmed, Wheeling, 3'/></dataset><dataset seriesName='Predicted'><set value='25' color='D7EBFB' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dAEP%2520Ohio%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, AEP Ohio, 99'/><set value='1576' color='FADE87' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dAEP%2520Texas%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, AEP Texas, 1,688'/><set value='114' color='C5DC7F' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dAPCO%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, APCO, 378'/><set value='10' color='D2B6EE' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dIndiana%2520Michigan%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, Indiana Michigan, 124'/><set value='3' color='FCC1D0' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dKentucky%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, Kentucky, 5'/><set value='14' color='E5E57F' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dPSO%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, PSO, 55'/><set value='20' color='CCCCCC' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dSWEPCO%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, SWEPCO, 79'/><set value='0' color='7FCCE5' link='%2fOMD%2fCurrentOutages%2fSummary%3fregionName%3dWheeling%26regionType%3dJurisdiction%26currentTab%3dJurisdiction' tooltext='Predicted, Wheeling, 3'/></dataset></chart>"}).render();</script> <!-- END Script Block for Chart summaryGraph -->
  22. Hello folks from Fusion Charts. My name is Alejo, and I'm working for a company who bought the license for Fusion Charts and Fusion Maps. First they bought the license for Fusion Charts, and a couple of months later, the bought the Fusion Maps license. I'm having a problem try to render in the same page a chart and a map. The problem appears when Flash is not available in the browser or device which is used to show these graphs. At the begining we only had in our project the FusionCharts gallery. And all was working fine. Then, we wanted to include maps too. So, we bought the license for maps. But we don't made any change in our project, we only added the swf file for the regarding map we wanted to put in our application (USA map). So, in conclusion, we used the swf file with the existing core files from FusionCharts. All went fine, until we realized that the map chart didn't work out when Flash is not available. So, we started to work on this problem. I followed the instructions from this page: Basically, this page it's saying that no matter where you take the FusionCharts.js file from (and all his dependencies). The only requisite, is to choose the last version. So, I took the FusionCharts.js (and all the dependencies) version from the FusionMaps project, because it's was the last that we bought. Didn't work out. Because even the map started to work, the charts from FusionCharts started to fail. It's like charts from FusionCharts only works whit the core files from FusionChart project, and maps from FusionMaps only works with the core files from FusionMap project. I decided to go ahead and compare the FusionCharts.js from FusionChart project versus FusionCharts.js from FusionMap project, and they are VERY different. An idea came up to me. I tried to include in the same page the core files from two projects. Obviously, this didn't work out. I don't want yet show my error, or post my code here. First I want you to answer my question. So, my question for now is: Does anyone know how to render charts and maps in the same page? Anyone tried? Thanks in advance!!
  23. I have recently stumbled on Fusion Charts Free and I must say they are just wonderful. I am using them for testing in ASP.Net C# and seem to be having a strange problem. I have set the width and height to 175 each in the code and it seems that the container DIV that is rendered has Width and Height equal to 175 but inside that div the chart size is even smaller which makes it look like 135 x 135 px. If I want to generate chart of size 175 x 175 then I need to set width and height to something like 220 x 220. Why am I getting this behaviour? You can see in the image above that the blue area highlighted is 175 x 175 px but the actual width of the chart is much less than that. Its quite strange and I am not sure what's causing it. Here is my XML. <graph numberPrefix='$' formatNumberScale='0' decimalPrecision='0' showValues='0'> <set name='Product 1' value='10000' color='1941A5' /><set name='Product 2' value='20000' color='AFD8F8' /><set name='Product 3' value='30000' color='F6BD0F' /><set name='Product 4' value='40000' color='8BBA00' /><set name='Product 5' value='50000' color='A66EDD' /></graph> and here is my code to initiate the chart FusionCharts.RenderChart("/FusionCharts/FCF_Pie3D.swf", "", strXML, "productSales", "175", "175", false, false); Any help will be greatly appreciated, Regards,
  24. Hello guys, How are you? I'm trying to plot a bar chart, and I need a particular color for the first bar, and a different color for the rest of the bars. Is that possible? And I want to do something similar with a double-bar chart. Thanks!!!
  25. Hi, I need to add a small icon on the bottom of each column within the chart. Do you know if it is possible? Or maybe you could indicate a workaround. I am using the fusion charts for FlexSKD3. Thanks in advance! Danut