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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, i have tried to search a graph with zoomline animation but this does not exist. It's correct? It's not implemented yet?
  2. Hello to everyone, I just migrated to the new version of FusionCharts. The only thing I can not understand is how to change the menu for data export. I would like to be able to move it down to the chart or left; Is there anybody who could guide me some guide? Thank you all.
  3. HI everyone, Im new to javascript and jquery so please be kind. I would like to know how I can set a standard colour pallette for all the charts in use in my application using Fusion Charts. Is there a variable i can use to set 10 colours to be the default colours for all charts in my app easily? or do i have to do it on every chart seperately. Any tips greatly appreciated
  4. I am trying to send an email with an embedded chart. If i generate the HTML normally I am able to render the chart and see its functionality. However, when I embed the HTML of the chart into another HTML template which gets sent out as an email, the chart does not render. Is this even possible to do with Fusion charts ? Am I missing something else ?
  5. Hello FusionCharts-land. Ok so I have a new problem. I have many charts on a single ASP.Net page. I say many I actually only mean 9. The problem is that 3 of these charts are intermittently not printing. I've tracked down how to MAKE it print successfully - scroll down so every chart has been partially visible. Needless to say - this shouldn't have to be the case. I've attached good and bad examples of the print. Any thoughts on making this work aside from the slightly hacky make it scroll to the bottom automatically just before calling window.print?
  6. We have been using FusionCharts extensively but need a contract support house to take over the development and maintenance of our charting library. Please provide availability, rates and most importantly proof of your expertise.
  7. Hi all, Ok so I have a page and that page has multiple stacked bar charts. The charts, while reporting across the same data are exceedingly different in general data range. Some sections will often report in just the tens to hundreds while others will spiral up to the thousands and tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands. So even though they share the same parent data set as it were its not viable to show them in the same chart as the data itself isn't directly related between groups and some groups will have such high figures it will render the data with a lower range completely illegible. The PROBLEM is that it looks exceedingly untidy. The labels on each bar are different, some short, some long. As a result some label areas are taking up say 5% of the available space, some 10% and some 15% making it all look exceedingly untidy and mismatched. I've tried padding the labels with spaces and separating on to lines but of course the font used in the charts isn't a monospaced so.... the results are less than perfect. I've tried using maxLabelWidthPercent but thats resulted in..... not a lot and anyway, thats only setting the maximum, not what it'll actually take. I've tried the last in conjunction with useEllipsesWhenOverflow - again to no avail. Please see attached to see what I mean if that wasn't clear enough. Red lines added to emphasis the issue. Any advice?
  8. Hi all, We have set up a dashboard with charts rendering from a list on the sharepoint site, the dashboard has 6 charts and are taking up to 40+ seconds to render. We are using sharepoint 2010. To give a brief intro, the source list contains approximately 1500 rows which is a very low volume. The charts perform aggregation based grouped fields which is standard and there are little or no calculated fields. We have tried indexing key fields and using views, but still no improvement. Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks
  9. Hi, Is there a new WAR file with the new libraries? My exports don't work properly, for export to pdf, png, svg and jpeg. As well, I used to have a 3d pie chart that when right clicked on, would be able to show the 2d version. I've lost that functionality, is there some way to show the 2d version? Thanks, Shashank
  10. We have created a dashboard for our Education Montor which has been a great success. We now want to do one for our Youth site but with the charts opening directly from the map. This means it is the master chart is there a way to have the close button on the master chart?
  11. We noticed that the logo we display in the bottom-right corner of the chart looks fine (using logoURL='sssss.png'). However, when we download the chart in pure JavaScrpt the logo is not included in the saved file.
  12. How we can Export Multi-series Fusion chart along with dataset(i.e Table View) that we are providing in PPt/Excel/Word/Pdf?