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Found 2 results

  1. Hello FusionCharts, Is there a nice way to invert the 'chart interactivity'? Current/default functionality is when you click on a legend item (displayed) it hides it's related series and I'm looking for the opposite functionality - Show only the series of a clicked legend item, while hiding all the others. It should work this way no matter if the item is displayed or hidden (visible=1 or visible=0). I have a work-around but not happy with it's performance - I simply change the data on legend click event, so that only the clicked one is visible (<dataset .. visible='1' >) while keeping the others on <dataset .. visible='0' >. However, this gets slow with lots of series/legend items, since I have to modify the data (with visible attr) and re-render the chart every time the user clicks on a legend item. It would be nice if the functionality used by fusioncharts to hide/show series on legend click would be provided as API (maybe it's already there?).
  2. Hello, We need a possibility to automatically re-scale Y-axis after clicking on a legend to hide the corresponding dataset series (one or more). In a recent response on this forum (from 2013), you said that it's not supported yet. We're currently using FusionCharts v3.9.0, but also tried v3.11.2. It seems there is no difference - Y-axis is not automatically re-scaled after hiding series. I was wondering: has it been implemented in 3.11.2 (maybe we just overlooked)? if not, are there any plans to add support for this in the near future? Thank you, Dragan.