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Found 19 results

  1. I'm trying out themes to improve the look of some of my charts and I've found that while my multiseries column chart legend did NOT wrap when no theme was specified, one of the labels wraps as soon as I use any of the provided themes. What strikes me as particularly odd about this is the font size in the themes is smaller than what's being used with no theme specified. Here's an example with 'fint' on the left and no theme on the right. Is there anything I can do to help the legend keep from wrapping? I've got 'legendNumColumns':2 and 'minimiseWrappingInLegend':'1' in my JSON. Thanks! --Bryan
  2. Hi, When FC was on 3.10 version, the multi-series line chart had a nice functionality : when clicking on legend, the line is going from its position to below and by clicking again from below to its position, this was really a nice animation. Since the 3.11 version, why did you disable it ? Is there any option to reactivate it ? Thank you, Sébastien
  3. Hello FusionCharts, Is there a nice way to invert the 'chart interactivity'? Current/default functionality is when you click on a legend item (displayed) it hides it's related series and I'm looking for the opposite functionality - Show only the series of a clicked legend item, while hiding all the others. It should work this way no matter if the item is displayed or hidden (visible=1 or visible=0). I have a work-around but not happy with it's performance - I simply change the data on legend click event, so that only the clicked one is visible (<dataset .. visible='1' >) while keeping the others on <dataset .. visible='0' >. However, this gets slow with lots of series/legend items, since I have to modify the data (with visible attr) and re-render the chart every time the user clicks on a legend item. It would be nice if the functionality used by fusioncharts to hide/show series on legend click would be provided as API (maybe it's already there?).
  4. Hello, We need a possibility to automatically re-scale Y-axis after clicking on a legend to hide the corresponding dataset series (one or more). In a recent response on this forum (from 2013), you said that it's not supported yet. We're currently using FusionCharts v3.9.0, but also tried v3.11.2. It seems there is no difference - Y-axis is not automatically re-scaled after hiding series. I was wondering: has it been implemented in 3.11.2 (maybe we just overlooked)? if not, are there any plans to add support for this in the near future? Thank you, Dragan.
  5. I'm working with Pie Charts and currently have smart labels turned on. Instead of having the labels on the pie chart, or smart labels with smart lines pointing to the chart, I would like to have the label (which is a numeric result) appear directly below the corresponding legend icon. This fiddle puts the label in the legend, can I also put the numeric result in the legend? (see image) Thank you for any help with this!
  6. Hi, I have created a stacked column 2d line chart. In the legend the text are bit long. So instead of adjusting in the different lines, they are overlapping on each other. I have tried all the legend options but could not fix it. If I display the legend right of the chart, it is displaying fine. But I want it to display at the bottom of the chart. Even the last two letters of the trend line text is been cut down. Attached is the image for the reference. Please suggest me a solution. Regards, Mohanraj T.
  7. Dear FusionChart! How can I proceed to remove the Anchor from chart's line legend? I set the attribute DrawAnchors to 0 in Chart tag, but the legend was not change. When the chart has a lot of data plot lines, the anchor in legend disrupts the user to identify the corresponding line color. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi , I am using fusion charts trial version. I want to show legends with only icons without any labels. Please help me to get out of this.
  9. Hey, I would like to know if it is at all possible to put the values in the Legend, preferably on the Right hand side in a column. I have read through your documentation and don't think there is a lot of option to perform this task. Currently I am appending it as text to the front of the label: { label: me.nFormatter(data.get('amountRequested')) + " Requested", value: data.get('amountRequested') } I have noticed I cannot even put <span> tags around the data in hopes for format it using css. Is there any way to move the data to the right side after the label in a column? ~ Jacob
  10. Is it possible to start with a graph only showing some of the series? I want to show a graph with about 20 series in it but I only want maybe 4 to initially appear.
  11. Hello, I'm looking to include the values of a 2D pie chart within the accompanying legend. So instead of showing the values in smart labels or with smart lines, I'd actually like to see the values next to the labels in the legend. Any chnace this is possible? - Jason
  12. Hi I am using Pie2d, when I display the values in the label, it is getting overlapped behind the legend or caption, Is ter anyway it can automatically position so that it can be visible to all Thanks in advance Regards Krishna Kumar S
  13. We are displaying six fusion charts on one webpage like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The first chart is a stacked column chart and it renders first on the page, and the chart and its legend both disply perfectly fine. Then, when the second chart (a column chart with an additional axis as line chart) finishes rendering completely, the first graph's legend immediately goes blank. All of the other charts on the page are displayed fine along with their legends. The first chart's legend remains blank. This is clearly a bug, and we've been told by FusionCharts "the requirements will need considerable changes to the underlying framework and as such this will not be done as of now. Please note that we have discontinued development on FusionCharts" Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  14. In my application there are n number of similar charts (bar) with legends. Legends are similar across charts. I would like to take out the Legends group from each chart and make them global for all the charts. With this I can save some space and can display more number of charts in a page. Is there any way to make Legends global? Thanks, Kishore
  15. Hi, I'm charting multiple data sets in a line graph. To distinguish the different lines I'm using the anchorSides property to generate triangles, squares. I would like to display not only the color but the symbol that is being used for that dataset in the Legend. Is there a way I can achieve this, it will help if someone prints out the graph in b&w to differentiate the lines and for people who are color blind. Also let me know if there is a custom way of doing this by using <styles>. Thanks for your time help. Rahul
  16. Hi, i have a combi chart with about 12-13 data sets. I want to render the chart with only couple of data sets (series) shown and other legends should be in unclicked mode i.e. user can click and see them if required. i could not find any chart property of data set property which can render a series in unclicked mode. please let me know how this can be achieved.
  17. I am creating an application for usinf flex and fusionchart. when the chart is rendered in a smaller size the legends are not visible inside the scroll (refer picture). please find following code for the chart <chart decimals='2' showLabels='1' showValues='0' showBorder='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' enableSmartLabels='1' showLegend='1' legendBgColor='ffffff' legendShadow='0' legendCaption='Indicators' legendAllowDrag='1'> </chart>
  18. Hi ! I need to implement Legend for single series 2D column and bar graph . How to make it possible . Try to help me out for this query with the file attached .
  19. Hi, I created a sample radar chart with JSON value updated dynamically from MYSQL DB. I am unable to get interactive Legend (which is clickable).