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  4. Creating Charts in AngularJS

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  5. Sankey Charts

    Hi, FusionCharts do not have Sankey chart supported as of now, though we have it in our wish list. For your query of Parallel sets, please provide a reference link or a mock-up image. Regarding your Flow map visualization, please check the supported Drag node chart of FusionCharts in the below link if this is your required visualization. If not, kindly share a mock-up image so that we can check and get back to you. Drag node chart documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
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  7. Sankey Charts

    Any plans for a Sankey chart? I'd eventually also expect related charts such as Parallel Sets and Flow Maps? I was a bit surprised to not see any requests for this chart type yet. If this chart type is considered, adding support for a vertical orientation (horizontal is traditional) would really open things up. Here are some Sankey references:
  8. 2nd level drill down problem

    Hi Vicky, In order to change the chart type for the child chart you need to use configureLink API method to set the child chart type, you can also set different chart at a different level, provided the datastructure for each chart is correct. Provide the configureLink() API method parameter as below : myChart.configureLink([ { type: 'bar2d' }, { type: 'line' }, { type: 'pie2d' } ]); Sample for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  9. 2nd level drill down problem

    Hi, I am using Django. I am able to succeed in the first drill-down and the linked chart is displaying the data correctly. But when I click on the data plots in the linked chart it is showing "No Data to display". I am sharing my code below. def chart1(request): dataSource = {} dataSource['chart'] = { "caption": "Regional Sales", "showValues": "0", "theme": "fusion" } dataSource['data'] = [] dataSource['linkeddata'] = [] sbc = MTD.pdobjects.all() sbc_df = sbc.to_dataframe().reset_index(drop=True)#Trying to use filtered model for dataframe sbc_df['Sales_Value']=sbc_df['Sales_Value'].astype(float) rgn_gb=sbc_df.groupby('RGN')['Sales_Value'].sum().reset_index() RGN=list(rgn_gb['RGN']) RGN_val=list(rgn_gb['Sales_Value']) sbc_gb=pandas.pivot_table(sbc_df,index=['Channel','RGN'],values=['Sales_Value'],aggfunc='sum').reset_index() vert_gb=pandas.pivot_table(sbc_df,index=['Vertical','Channel','RGN'],values=['Sales_Value'],aggfunc='sum').reset_index() for i in range(len(RGN)): data = {} data['label'] = RGN data['value'] = RGN_val data['link'] = 'newchart-json-'+ RGN dataSource['data'].append(data) linkData = {} linkData['id'] = RGN linkedchart = {} linkedchart['chart'] = { "caption" : "Channelwise Sales " + RGN , "showValues": "0", "theme": "fusion", } linkedchart['data'] = [] sbc_filtered=sbc_gb[sbc_gb.RGN == RGN] Channel_list=list(sbc_filtered['Channel']) Channel_val=list(sbc_filtered['Sales_Value']) for k in range(len(sbc_filtered)): arrDara = {} arrDara['label'] = Channel_list[k] arrDara['value'] = Channel_val[k] arrDara['link'] = 'newchart-json-'+ Channel_list[k] linkedchart['data'].append(arrDara) linkData1 = {} linkData1['id'] = Channel_list[k] linkedchart1 = {} linkedchart1['chart'] = { "caption" : "Verticalwise Sales" + Channel_list[k] , "showValues": "0", "theme": "fusion", } linkedchart1['data'] = [] sbc2_filtered=vert_gb[(vert_gb.RGN == RGN) & (vert_gb.Channel == Channel_list[k])] Vertical_list=list(sbc2_filtered['Vertical']) Vertical_val=list(sbc2_filtered['Sales_Value']) for j in range(len(sbc2_filtered)): darrDara = {} darrDara['label'] = Vertical_list[j] darrDara['value'] = Vertical_val[j] linkedchart1['data'].append(darrDara) linkData1['linkedchart'] = linkedchart1 dataSource['linkeddata'].append(linkData1) linkData['linkedchart'] = linkedchart dataSource['linkeddata'].append(linkData) column2D = FusionCharts("column2D", "ex1" , "700", "400", "chart-1", "json", dataSource) return render(request, 'table.html',{'output':column2D.render()}) I cannot figure out where I am going wrong. I believe that there is no problem with indentation. Please help me to resolve this. Thanks Vicky
  10. JSON Reference

    Hi, Probably you are looking for the list of attributes supported for all the chart types to customize the charts. Please find the below chart attribute reference link : Kindly elaborate and let us know if this was not your query. Thanks, Akash.
  11. Doughnut2D enableRotation property ignored

    Hi Sebastien, Surely this is not a bug, the attribute "enableRotation" is not properly typed in the sample. It has a space within the quotes, hence the mentioned attribute is not at all getting applied. Please check this sample fiddle for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  12. Hi Harita, Could you please provide a scaled down sample replicating the issue so that we can check it at our end. You could provide your implementation with the issue by modifying the sample : Thanks, Akash.
  13. Hi Vicky, The API method "configureLink()" is not used properly. It does not need the render() method to be invoked with the configureLink() as in the provided snippet. Please use it as below : drilldownobj.configureLink({ type: "pie2d", overlayButton: { message: 'Back to parent chart', bgColor: '#999999', borderColor: '#cccccc' } }); You can also refer to a sample fiddle : Please find the configureLink() API method reference in the list : Thanks, Akash.
  14. Creating Charts in AngularJS this is not working.
  15. drawFullAreaBorder not working

    Hi, This issue would be fixed in the future release version. We would notify you with the updates via this forum thread. Thanks, Akash.
  16. I want to display the parent chart in bar2d and the child chart in pie2d. But both the parent and child charts are rendered in the same type. Also I used configureLink() method to specify my child chart type. But it is throwing an error like 'str' object has no attribute 'configure link'. I am using Django. The code that I have tried is: def drilldown(request): drilldownobj = FusionCharts( 'column2d', 'chart-container', '600', '400', 'drilldown-chart', 'json', {"chart": { "caption": "North American Population", "subcaption": "USA & Canada", "xaxisname": "Country (Click to drill down)", "theme": "fusion" }, "data": [ { "label": "United States", "value": "310380000", "link": "newchart-json-usa" }, { "label": "Canada", "value": "34020000", "link": "newchart-json-can" } ], "linkeddata": [ { "id": "usa", "linkedchart":{ "chart": { "caption": "Population by Religion", "subcaption": "USA", "showpercentintooltip": "1", "enablemultislicing": "0", "startingangle": "90", "theme": "fusion" }, "data": [ { "label": "Christian", "value": "78.30" }, { "label": "Muslim", "value": "0.90 " }, { "label": "Hindu", "value": ".60" }, { "label": "Buddhist", "value": "1.20" }, { "label": "Jewish", "value": "1.80" }, { "label": "Others", "value": "17.20" } ] } }, { "id": "can", # "type":"pie2d", "linkedchart": { "chart": { "caption": "Population by Religion", "subcaption": "Canada", "showpercentintooltip": "1", "startingangle": "90", "theme": "fusion" }, "data": [ { "label": "Christian", "value": "72" }, { "label": "Muslim", "value": "2.1" }, { "label": "Hindu", "value": "1.4" }, { "label": "Buddhist", "value": ".8" }, { "label": "Jewish", "value": "1.72" }, { "label": "Others", "value": "24.70" } ] } } ] }).render() drilldownobj.configureLink({ type: "pie2d", overlayButton: { message: 'Back to parent chart', bgColor: '#999999', borderColor: '#cccccc' } }).render() drilldown_dict ={'drilldown':drilldownobj} return render(request, 'drilldown.html',context=drilldown_dict) .html: {% extends "base.html" %} {% block body %} <section class="content-header"> <h1><strong>drilldown</strong></h1> <br> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-6"> <div id="drilldown-chart">{{ drilldown|safe }}</div> </div> {% endblock %} Please help me to resolve this. Thanks
  17. drawFullAreaBorder not working

    Hi, It's been three months. Is this fixed? Thanks.
  18. Export charts in IE not working

    Thanks for the acknowledgement
  19. Creating Charts in AngularJS

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  20. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi, Thank you for you help After changing exportAtClientSide to exportMode it worked. Regards Ravi
  21. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi Ravi, We have checked rendering a chart using FusionCharts Angular plugin with the mentioned export configuration as below : "exportEnabled": "1", "exportMode": "client" [Same as "exportAtClient" which is now deprecated] Please find the attached screenshot for the exported files(PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG) from the chart rendered in IE : Also check the Angular sample in the below DropBox link : Thanks, Akash. FusionCharts.pdf FusionCharts.svg
  22. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi, On further exploration on IE, when I changed the User agent String in Emulation tab under IE developer tool to Internet Explorer 10 (I am using IE 11), I was able to download the image and pdf formats. Is this the case that export of fusion chart as images and png not supported by IE11? In IE 11, in networks I can see the image in Response body with 0 size but the download is not triggered. Any response is highly appreciated Regards, Ravi
  23. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi, I checked out the sample fiddle. I am trying to implement in angular 4. I am setting exportEnabled as 1 and exportAtClientSide as 1. Also the fusion chart occupies 100% width. The version that I am using is 3.13.4 Thanks Ravi
  24. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi Ravi, We are able to download(export) the charts in all the supported formats with charts rendered in IE browser. Please find the below sample fiddle which is working fine in IE browser. Sample fiddle : (version - 3.13.4) Please let us know if you are using the current version, and replicate the problem in a scaled down sample so that we can check it at our end. Thanks, Akash.
  25. Hi, Export chart in IE is not working for PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG format while the Excel works fine. I am able to export in other browsers except IE. Any response highly appreciated. Regards, Ravi
  26. Hi, Please let us know how you are using Multi Axis Line Chart with Date range changing option. We are not getting any error with the native multi-axis line chart as below : Documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
  27. So I'm using Multi Axis Line Chart with Date range changing option(1 Day, 7 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month, etc..). After creating this chart, whenever I try to change the date range, it gives me this error. What does it mean? Is it something to do with my chart options?
  28. More than 1 dataset

    Hi, FusionCharts render charts with the provided dataSource by the user in the FusionCharts constructor. Now to include the dataset in the dataSource based on your fetched or received data, you need to generate the dataSource dynamically in the prescribed format accordingly, before providing it to the FusionCharts constructor. If you want to change the chart data, check this documentation for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  29. Display date(2013/07/20) data in x/y axis in bar and columns charts

    Hi Ravi, The horizontal axis in a Bar chart is a numeric axis and it does not support the date and month representation. The numeric value set using the "value" attribute of the "data" objects are plotted with respect to the y-axis scale on the chart. As a work-around, if you want to display the date and month on the plots, you can set your custom string in the "displayValue" attribute within the data objects, which will be displayed on the plots instead of the actual values. Please note : The "value" attribute accepts numeric values only. Please check the sample fiddle for reference : Thanks, Akash.
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