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  6. Need help in setting Donut2d charts attributes

    Thanks for the acknowledgement
  7. Need help in setting Donut2d charts attributes

    Thank you for your reply. It worked !
  8. Need help in setting Donut2d charts attributes

    Hi Sneha, The visual as per the provided image is due to the 3D lighting feature of the Doughnut chart which is enabled by default. You can disable the feature by setting the configuration attribute "use3DLighting" to "0". Please refer to the sample fiddle using your provided chart configuration attributes along with the above mentioned attribute : Thanks, Akash.
  9. Hi, I need help in setting attributes for donut2d charts I am working on. Below is the snapshot of the donut2d chart I created. As you can see the border of the chart is thickened. I am not able to change that to normal. These are the attributes I am using for my chart - chartConfig.Add("showtooltip", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showValues", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showLabels", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showLegend", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showHoverEffect", "1"); chartConfig.Add("caption", "Measure title"); chartConfig.Add("theme", "fusion"); chartConfig.Add("dataEmptyMessage", "Sorry No Data Found!"); chartConfig.Add("showpercentvalues", "1"); chartConfig.Add("aligncaptionwithcanvas", "0"); chartConfig.Add("valueFontBold", "1"); chartConfig.Add("captionpadding", "0"); chartConfig.Add("paletteColors", "#2c495f,#5895cd,#8db046,#feb948,#d27623,#8b181b,##65649a,#5895cd"); chartConfig.Add("bgColor", "#f8f8f8"); chartConfig.Add("showPercentInTooltip", "1"); chartConfig.Add("showShadow", "0"); chartConfig.Add("legendBgColor", "#f8f8f8"); chartConfig.Add("showBorder", "0"); chartConfig.Add("showPlotBorder", "0"); chartConfig.Add("showCanvasBorder", "0"); chartConfig.Add("borderAlpha", "0"); Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong? Or what do I need to change? Any help is appreciated. Thank You Sneha Kulkarni
  10. Converting from flash to js

    You can drop a mail to [email protected] they would assist you further with the upgrade.
  11. plotToolText for stacked area 2d total

    Hi, The "stackedarea2d" chart type does not support "showSum" attribute feature as of now. So, it is not possible to show the summed value using $sum macro in the tooltip for stacked area chart. For reference you can check the attribute list of the mentioned chart type : Thanks, Akash.
  12. Since I am upgrading, what will be the cost to upgrade?
  13. Hi, We already have an improvement logged internally for this behavior of FT charts in Firefox browser. We will keep you posted with the updates. Thanks, Akash.
  14. Converting from flash to js

    Hi, You can refer to the documentation guide below to upgrade from Flash version to the current JS version of FusionCharts : Thanks, Akash.
  15. export & clickURL problem

    Hi, The "clickURL" attribute lets you to set the entire chart as a hotspot, so when a click interaction is made anywhere on the chart the provided url opens. When you are selecting from the export menu option, a click interaction is done hence the URL opens and the chart exports as well. This is an intended behavior. Alternatively, you can export the chart using the "exportChart()" API method of FusionCharts, by invoking it on a HTML button click(external to the chart) instead of the drop-down export menu selection. Refer to the below sample fiddle : Thanks, Akash.
  16. Hi Prabu, Yes, you can selectively show the labels that you want to display on the chart by setting a configuration attribute explicitly within the data objects. Please refer to the sample below : You need to set "showLabels" attribute to "0" at chart-level attribute to "0" for hiding all the x-axis labels, and then set "showLabel" attribute to "1" within those "data" objects in the dataSource for which you want to show the labels on the chart. Thanks, Akash.
  17. Hi, You can check the FusionCharts documentation to use our PHP wrapper to render charts in a PHP environment. Documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
  18. I have a very old FC license and am still using flash to generate charts. I know that I must switch to js. How do I do this? Here is where I'm using FC:
  19. plotToolText for stacked area 2d total

    I'm using stacked area 2d, I've enabled drawcrossline. So far I've only two sets of data, so I've two stacked area graph. When I put plotToolText with Macros, it's showing two graphs of values without any issues. plotToolText: '$seriesName, $dataValue, $value' My tooltip will look something like this, I need to have the sum of the two stacked area graph values in the graph like below.? is it possible to do.? Thanks in advance.
  20. export & clickURL problem

    Hi, I created stackedcolumn2d and set exportEnabled : 1 & clickURL in chart attributes. When I click export menu to export any format , it triggered export & clickURL both; Is there any way to trigger only export menu ? Thanks,
  21. Hi , we are planning to migrate our charts from d3 to fusion charts. we are facing the below issues with multi series spline area charts. Based on the requirement we will; be plotting more than 100 data in the graph and only show 3 to 5 x-axis labels based on some criteria. Is there any way to explicitly force fusion chart to show only those labels in x-axis. I don't want to use labelDisplay options as my data labels will have a string length of 100 characters(minimum). Please advise on this. Thanks, Prabu.G
  22. React Native iOS events are not firing

    Hi, This is a know issue of the React native plugin that the events are not working properly. We have it logged, you can check the reported issue in the below link : We are working on it, you could get the update in the comments chain of the above issue. Thanks, Akash.
  23. hi all, wiggy can you please please share that pdf with us. also is there any link for summary or basic intro of PHP to learn from start? thanks.
  24. I'm trying to log the dataPlotClick event for stacked area 2d chart. But in iOS, the event is not triggering for any events. I've not tried yet in Android. But I've to make it work for both Platforms. Any help will be appreciated. my Code this.state = { type: 'column2d', width: '99%', height: '95%', dataFormat: 'json', dataSource: undefined, containerBackgroundColor: '#FFFFFF', calendarReturnsData: undefined, dataEmptyMessage: 'Insufficient data available', baseChartMessageFontSize: '16', baseChartMessageColor: '#454545', detailsBtnStateHolder: true, events: { dataplotclick: (e, a) => { Alert.alert(`You clicked on ${}`); } } }; In render method, I'm destructuring all the variables and assigning it to Fushion Chart. <FusionCharts type={type} width={width} height={height} dataFormat={dataFormat} dataSource={dataSource} containerBackgroundColor={containerBackgroundColor} dataEmptyMessage={dataEmptyMessage} baseChartMessageFontSize={baseChartMessageFontSize} baseChartMessageColor={baseChartMessageColor} events={events} libraryPath={ Platform.OS === 'ios' ? fusionChartiOSPath : fusionChartAndroidPath } />
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  27. Pie or doughnut chart placing values inside

    As of now the valuePosition is supported for Pie and Doughnut with 2D versions. 3D version of these chart types does not have this feature.
  28. Pie or doughnut chart placing values inside

    How about the same for Pie3D, is that in the planning as well ? Regards, Martin
  29. add message load FusionMap XT - VueJS

    Hi, The string set to the attribute "dataLoadStartMessage" is displayed on the chart when the data is being loaded on to the chart. You can refer to the sample fiddle : For the message details and when the respective messages are displayed, please refer to the documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
  30. Tooltip showing on wrong element (Firefox)

    Thanks for the acknowledgement. Glad to know that your problem is resolved.
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