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  4. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi, As a work-around solution to avoid the reported scenario, you could use the "canvasLeftPadding" attribute to set an absolute padding so that the slanted labels are not partially visible. Sample fiddle with the above work-around : Thanks, Akash.
  5. Hi Pierre, The same sample in the FusionCharts website we are not getting such issue. Please check the below screenshot : Thanks, Akash.
  6. Graph visualization / Node diagrams

    Hi, The connectors color could be configured in the "color" attribute of the respective "connector" objects. However, hover color for the connector lines cannot be configured as of now. Please refer to the list of supported attributes of Drag node chart in the below attribute list link : Thanks, Akash.
  7. Hello, When I hover over the diagram, how do I show the related links in a different color ?
  8. Hi Frank, Yes, the provided sample works, you need to hit the jsfiddle link shared using "http" explicitly and it would work. As the JS file cdn links are using "http". However, to avoid confusion check the below sample fiddle with the recent version 3.14.1 with all cdn links using https. Thanks, Akash.
  9. Perhaps a mistake but sample chart doesn't work... at this moment This part seems to be a mistake, property of the chart are mixed with category items, but also removing it it doesn't render. Can you show me something of working? { "category": [ { "label": "Mon" }, { "label": "Tue" }, { "label": "Wed" }, { "vline": "true", "lineposition": "0", "color": "#6baa01", "labelHAlign": "center", "labelPosition": "0", "label": "National holiday", "dashed":"1" }, { "label": "Thu" }, { "label": "Fri" }, { "label": "Sat" }, { "label": "Sun" }
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  11. Missing data Multi-series Chart

    No worries. Thank you. For now I filled the nulls in my query with a 0 or an other threshold. If your interested, I did manage to have a filter with dropdown on top of the chart, which works pretty well for the user.
  12. Missing data Multi-series Chart

    Thanks for the acknowledgment
  13. Missing data Multi-series Chart

    Hi Akash, Thank you for your reply. I put the second image just to show that Jan has data, but these are not coming up in the first image. Anyway in your sample I see that it should work also with null values. My source is a mysql query, somehow translated by the visualization plugin of fabrik to XML or Json. This is done by the software, so it is probably more a fabrik issue than a FusionChart issue. Thanks, Frits
  14. Hi Frank, Please check the below sample : Thanks, Akash.
  15. Missing data Multi-series Chart

    Hi Frits, As we can see that you are using a mscolumn2d chart type, and in one of its series(Jan) the data is null, hence the plots does not appear on the chart according to the first image. Sample for reference : For the second image provided it seems you have provided the dataSource with only one series data, that is for the visible legend Jan. Could you please modify the provided fiddle with your dataSource and provide us the sample to explain your scenario and your query. Thanks, Akash.
  16. Hi Prerana I've the same problem, more series of data and the need to rescale chart on Y axis after than the user has hidden the unuseful series (we can't do this previusly because we can't know what hide exactly). I'm using the zoomline chart under IBM Rational Developer for i 9.5. Ver 3.9.0 (charts in my edition). The example in zip file one time downloaded is empty (0 bytes), is possibile restore it for download? Also the fiddle chart is unavailable. Do you can help in some way? Thanks for help!
  17. Hi, I am building my first FusionChart via a fabrik plugin. It is great that there is a trial version. I noticed when using a multi-series chart only data is shown if there is data for all elements. In my example I have 4 people with records set per year. One of the guys (Jan), did not set a time in 2017, but as you can see in the second picture, he did set a time in 2016, 2018 and 2019. However these times are not visible in the first picture, when other people did set a time in 2017. He is only visible in the legend. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks, Frits
  18. Hello Akash, Thank you for you answer. It is weird because I tried the CodeSandBox on different computers but I still have the same problem. I also noticed the problem on the FusionCharts website (see screenshot enclosed). On this example, the problem appears after the 26th of october 2014. This date is precisely the day of passing from "summer time" to "winter time" in Europe. This is why I believe the problem is linked to this ( ) Is there something in the code that could explain the problem? Thanks Pierre
  19. Hi Pierre, The FT chart in the provided codesandbox sample does not have a shift in the plot after the 27th of October. It is showing the tooltip correctly for the respective plots, you can check the below screenshot of your provided sample : Also there is no duplicate in the timestamp both the code and the sample provided. Thanks, Akash.
  20. I use FusionTime for ploting time series and it works great but I noticed a bug with FusionTime recently. As you can see in the attached screenshot, there is a shift in the plot after the 27th of october. Looking more precisely, it appears that the probleme lays in the method fusionDataStore.createDataTable(data, schema). My input data are : const data = [ ["2019-10-20", 1], ["2019-10-21", 2], ["2019-10-22", 3], ["2019-10-23", 4], ["2019-10-24", 5], ["2019-10-25", 6], ["2019-10-26", 7], ["2019-10-27", 8], ["2019-10-28", 9], ["2019-10-29", 10], ["2019-10-30", 11] ]; const schema = [ { name: "Time", type: "date", format: "%Y-%m-%d" }, { name: "Grocery Sales Value", type: "number" } ]; The result given by fusionDataStore.createDataTable(data, schema)._data is : [ [1571522400000, 1], [1571608800000, 2], [1571695200000, 3], [1571781600000, 4], [1571868000000, 5], [1571954400000, 6], [1572040800000, 7], [1572127200000, 8], [1572217200000, 9], [1572303600000, 10], [1572390000000, 11] ] As you can notice, there is a duplicate in the timestamp 1572127200000. A complete example of the problem is available in this sandbox : Maybe a pb with summer/winter time ? Thanks!
  21. Can't resolve fc-utils with webpack

    This does appear to be a packaging bug. I added run-script-os: yarn add run-script-os Then added this into the scripts section of my package.json: "install": "run-script-os", "install:linux": "find node_modules/@fusioncharts -type f -exec sed -i 's|../../../fc-utils|../../../utils|g' {} \\;", "install:darwin": "find node_modules/@fusioncharts -type f -exec sed -i '' 's|../../../fc-utils|../../../utils|g' {} \\;" Things work great after that. (The only reason for run-script-os is because sed is implemented differently on Linux and Mac (which draws from NeXT heritage) and so need slightly different arguments.
  22. update line chart data every 2 seconds

    Hi Harry, According to your scenario, you want to fetch data from the database periodically and want to append within the chart data source. Hence we would like to suggest you please create a controller Action method for fetching records from the database and via AJAX you can have the result from view. Please check the following regarding how to perform AJAX call over a time interval Also please visit Regarding partial vie update we would like to request you please implement Partial view rendering in ASP.NET MVC for reference please check Moreover, we went through the attached code snippet of the Razor view and observed the ASP.NET wrapper is not implemented. Please note FusionCharts support ASP.NET wrapper for rendering supported charts in ASP.NET environment for reference you could check the following tutorial link Also, like to let you know you could call API methods using the FusionCharts wrapper for reference please check Please check the above mentioned suggestions and implement accordingly. Thanks
  23. We were able to get this figured out. We just had to build the sjsCode as a global variable and add to it for every chart, then call the ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript once after all of the charts were rendered.
  24. PHP PDO/MySQL non-deprecated example

    Hi, The current PHP wrapper uses the native json_encode output. You can download the version 3.14.1 trial library for the updated PHP wrapper : Thanks, Akash.
  25. I like to get recommendations on how to automatically update the line chart with new data every couple of seconds (e.g. for every 3 seconds). Since I have 3 Y axes, the real-time line chart doesn't support 3 Y axes. Then I use the Line Chart, and use setInterval(..) to update the chart at a time interval. I am using the Core MVC project, and put the Fusionchart in a View (cshtml file). I have 7000 point data for each line, and have a total of 5 lines. The data is stored in SQL database. Reading all the data and display them take 40 seconds, the time is too long. Instead of reading 7000 points in one shot, I want to read 200 points from SQL database each time, and then display. Then read SQL for the next 200 points and display, and keep repeating. Each time, I want to append the new data points to the prior data. My problem is the controller gets the data, then give to View via ViewBag, it refreshes the View whole page, not very nice. How to just refresh the chart with new data when each time getting data from SQL? Since the setInterval is in View, how to request SQL data from View? ViewGraph.cshtml
  26. Hi! I'm new to FusionCharts and can't seem to find any information on this subject. I have a web page that I need to render up to 30 small charts on. I have the code working, but it will only render the first chart. It doesn't matter which chart I try to load up first, the next charts do not load. Is there a way to render multiple charts on a single page? My code is below. ChartName, ExportFileName, ChartType, and DivToAddTo are all strings passed in by each chart method that I am loading. I have verified that I am passing in a different div name each time. I also pass in a data set called mainData that I loop through to build the bar string. This is all done in in the code behind of my page. Dim sbXml As New System.Text.StringBuilder sbXml.Append("<chart caption='" & chartName & "' " & " canvasBorderColor='#ABADB3' " & " canvasBorderThickness='1' " & " xaxisname='' " & " showvalues='1' " & " animation='1' " & " yaxisname='' " & " showBorder='0' " & " bgColor='#ffffff' " & " chartLeftMargin='10' " & " chartTopMargin='10' chartRightMargin='25' " & " chartBottomMargin='20' " & " toolTipBorderColor='#ABADB3' " & " zeroPlaneColor='#f9f9f9' " & " zeroPlaneThickness='1' " & " showAlternateHGridColor='1' " & " forceXAxisValueDecimals='1' " & " forceYAxisValueDecimals='1' " & " forceDecimals='1' " & " showPlotBorder='0' " & " usePlotGradientColor='0' " & " plotHoverEffect='1' plotFillAlpha='100' " & " showShadow ='0' " & " labelDisplay='wrap' " & " numdivlines='5' " & " exportFileName='" & exportFileName & "' exportEnabled ='1' exportAtClient ='0' exportAction ='save' exportShowMenuItem='0' " & " exportHandler ='" & ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Item("FusionChartsURL") & "'" & " placevaluesInside='1' rotateValues='0' valueFontSize='11'" & " valueFontBold='0' " & " valueFontColor='#ffffff' " & " decimals='1' showLegend='1' legendBgColor='#FFFFFF' legendShadow='0' legendBorderColor='#FFFFFF' paletteColors='#5A3588,##ff9e1b,#ff9e1b'>") For Each item As ContractValue In mainData Dim toolText As String 'set equal to name and value toolText = item.Name & " - " & item.Value 'add category categoryString.Append("<category label ='" & item.Name & "' />") Dim value As Double = 0 Try value = item.Value Catch ex As Exception 'No error, set to blank End Try bar1String.Append("<set value='" & If(value <> 0, value.ToString, String.Empty) & "' color='#ff9e1b' tooltext='" & toolText & "'/>") Next sbXml.Append("<categories>") sbXml.Append(categoryString.ToString) sbXml.Append("</categories>") sbXml.Append("<dataset seriesname='My Average'>") sbXml.Append(bar1String.ToString) sbXml.Append("</dataset>") sbXml.Append("</dataset>") sbXml.Append("</chart>") Dim fusionChart As New Chart(chartType, divToAddTo, "600", "280", "xml", sbXml.ToString) Dim sRenderedChart As String = fusionChart.Render() Dim sStartScriptTag As String = "<script type=""text/javascript"">" Dim sEndScriptTag As String = "</script>" Dim sJsCode As String = sRenderedChart.Substring(sRenderedChart.IndexOf(sStartScriptTag) + sStartScriptTag.Length, sRenderedChart.IndexOf(sEndScriptTag) - sRenderedChart.IndexOf(sStartScriptTag) - sStartScriptTag.Length) & ";" ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(Me, Me.GetType, "JSCode", sJsCode, True)
  27. Fusioncharts using angularjs

    You can refer our angularjs plugin to render charts in Angular1x framework - Fetching the data from the database needs to be handled accordingly, since FusionCharts helps to visualize the data from the database, here are few third party blog links for reference -
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