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  1. Thanks for suggestions!


    After I try your providing xml, it still has some problems:

    1. 2KB in x-axis label value has double.

    2. There still has gap between dataplot value and vertical line.


    Whether currently fushionchart could not make it show rightly?

    Any suggestions?


    BTW: could you tell me what is the rule for fushionchart is to apply as converting decimal to integer?



    post-10401-014362000 1293780253_thumb.png

  2. My requirement is to make y-axis value show integer in Bar model ,but it will convert to strange chart, if I set yAxisValueDecimals=2, it will show rightly.


    My question:

    How fushionchart to format decimal to integer, does any suggestion to fix this problem.



    Fushionchart verison:FusionCharts_Enterprise_v3_2


    My data xml:

    <chart animation="0" baseFont="Arial" baseFontColor="000000"  baseFontSize="9" bgColor="FFFFFF" borderColor="FFFFFF"  canvasRightMargin="10" chartBottomMargin="20" chartLeftMargin="20"  chartRightMargin="20" chartTopMargin="20" decimals="2"  defaultNumberScale="" maxLabelWidthPercent="20"  numberScaleUnit="KB,MB,GB" numberScaleValue="1024,1024,1024" palette="3"  placeValuesInside="1" plotGradientColor="" setAdaptiveYMin="0"  showBorder="1" showShadow="0" showValues="1" yAxisName="Message size"  yAxisValueDecimals="0">
    <set color="0066AA" label="[email protected]" tooltext="[email protected]  3.04KB" value="3110"/>
    <set color="1D7BBF" label="[email protected]" tooltext="[email protected]  1.66KB" value="1700"/>
    <set label=" "/>
    <set label=" "/>
    <set label=" "/>


    details chart and comments, see attachments.

    post-10401-056187500 1293761975_thumb.png

  3. Hi Sanjukta,


    I have tried try setting the attribute "maxLabelWidthPercent" to '100' in the <chart> element to display the entire label. but it still could not work.

    y-aixs label still could not left alignment.

    Could you give me suggestions or example? whether fushionchart could not support this feature: make y-aixs label left alignment. although I have set label with same length by adding space characters.


    You can check my xml:see attachments




  4. Hi guy,


    I use Bar2D.swf model, after scanning all api(get started),could not find this function. I am not sure whether this function is supported: when mouse over y-axis label, whether it support to show customized text?


    details see attachments.


    BTW: my env:FusionCharts_Enterprise_v3_2



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