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  1. Hi,




    I am wondering if it is possible to use an Arithmetic scale rather than Logarithmic when FusionCharts "auto-scales." I have looked at the algorithm in the source code and would not be happy if I have to rewrite it! Does anyone have a quick fix?


    Our other solution was to take the largest value, say 191 - round to the nearest 10 (190) and then add 10. If it were 1191, round to nearest 100 (1200) and add 100. Any ideas?





  2. Hi,




    I'm trying to use the posted Ruby code, but I'm having trouble getting RubyInline to work on my windows machine. Is there anyone who can help




    me get this code working on a windows machine? ie. maybe a walk-through of how you got it working.

  3. Hi,




    I notice that the x-axis label seems to be bold, but the y-axis label does not. How can I make them look the same?




    I tried using for the YAXISNAME chart object, but it didn't work.




    I'm also wondering how to change the FPS via XML.





  4. Nevermind on that last post. Would be a pretty terrible idea to have to programmatically open up a user's browser, just to save


    the image as a jpeg. Any suggestions for alternatives? Right now I build charts in MS Excel, export to JPEG, and display within


    my desktop application.

  5. Could you show me an example of how I can do this programmatically?




    I won't be using any web server at all, as this is completely a desktop application.




    I could perhaps programmatically open up IE; therefore, I need it to save to an image




    file when the data is done loading. What do I need to put in my XML and HTML files




    to accomplish this? I read the docs, but it mentioned .aspx or php, neither of which I can use.

  6. My company is considering purchasing fusioncharts. In order to do so, we must be able to save the chart to an image file programmatically, for use in a Qt application. Are there any command line tools, libraries, or other solutions that can allow us to write some C++ code to save charts as image files?