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  1. Hi,


    You do not need to install anything to allow JavaScript to be served.


    Please check with generic development guide on Apache and PHP and JavaScript to know how to include JavaScript files etc.


    Further, start with a simple sample that does not involve database.


    Once that is passed, you make sure that you have correct database connectivity through PHP and then you are try some code to retrieve data from database and show in table (without using FusionCharts) to ensure that your data retrieving functions are working correctly.


    Now, you may follow the database examples and render chart.


    In case you fail in any step related to implementation of FusionCharts (after you have successfully run non FusionCharts related JavaScript and database codes) please let us know along with your code.

  2. Hi Reno,


    Apologies. It hurts when customers are in pain.


    I would try to help you as much as possible from my side.


    But before that, I would just wish to know if you are using Flash charts or JavaScript charts.


    What I can presently add here is:


    1. You need to render the charts in the browser and then on render of the charts

    2. export (save) the charts as image to a server side folder using API and here user interactivity is NOT required


    To save the image at server, you need to have a server side export handler. I am afraid, as of now, we do not have a export handler for CF. But, for Flash charts we provide a J2EE export handler that you can always use. For JavaScript charts, you can make use of Batik library to do the same.


    It would require sometime at our end to develop a sample. I would update you as soon as I am done.


    Apologies again for the pain.

  3. Hi,


    Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


    You can always put HTML tables in tooltips. Just place your HTML code (for the table) in tooltext attribute. Of course, you need to encode (html encode) the < > " ' characters. In case, you need to set styles, you can always define them separately in a CSS file or where ever you find suitable.