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  1. Hi everybody,


    I will post all the FusionCharts JSF tag libraries and samples here. Please use the version that suits your environment.




    Have you given any thought to including the namespace and schema information in the fusioncharts.tld?


    We are having an issue deploying the taglib jar file in our WAR file under JBoss AS 6 because the parser cannot validate the xml.



  2. Hope this helps.smile.gif



    No, that did not help. Sorry.

    I know what the difference between single series and multi-series charts.

    Let us concentrate on multi-series charts because that is what we are working with.

    I have one days worth of data, sampled every 30 seconds. That equates to 2880 categories.

    I want to include multiple metrics in this multi-series chart. For example, let's start with 10 metrics.

    Given the above information, for a multi-series line chart, do I have 10 dataplots, 2880 dataplots or 28800 data plots?

  3. Data plot refers to the column in column chart, lines in a line chart, pie/doughnut slices in a pie/doughnut chart.


    More details at: http://www.fusioncha...c/DataPlot.html



    Helps a little but I need clarification on the dataplots in a line chart.

    According to your original response, there can be up to 2500 dataplots on a line chart. In this case, is a dataplot considered a combination of category and dataset? Surely, I can't put 2500 datasets with 100 categories into a line chart!


    Thanks in advance. This is exceedingly helpful.

  4. Hi,

    Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


    First of all, we would like to thank you for showing interest in FusionCharts.


    Please note that in Flash Player 10, the maximum size for a chart is 8,192 pixels in width or height, and the total number of pixels cannot exceed 16,777,216 pixels. (i.e., if a chart is 8,192 pixels wide, it can only be 2,048 pixels high.). Note that in Flash Player 9 and earlier versions, the limitation is 2,880 pixels in height and 2,880 pixels in width.

    Please find below the maximum number of dataplots supported by FusionCharts:

    Please note the number of data-plots mentioned here is the maximum. It varies according to the machine configuration and usage of various features like Styles, Animation, Anchors, etc.



    Hope this helps.smile.gif



    It's a start!

    But what is a dataplot? Is it a combination of categories and datasets? or?


    Have a great day!

  5. We are encountering a problem whereby Adobe Flash Player is crashing when we try to send a large number of categories and/or datasets for display.

    Are there any recommended maximums we should adhere to? Or is it browser/operating system dependent?

    Is there a way to interrogate Adobe Flash Player beforehand to figure out how much memory it has available and how much data it can accept?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.