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  1. Hi,


    Thanks for your response.


    I am afraid, we are unable to understand your question.


    Could you please elaborate your query a bit more?


    Awaiting for your reply.


    In the legend, clicking on a dataset title toggles the data from displaying on the chart. Is clicking the dataset the only way to trigger this? Or can I toggle the dataset's from displaying with javascript?

  2. Hello!


    I just have a quick question regarding the interactive legend on the ZoomLine graph:


    Default behavior is that the legend displays all the datasets once it is loaded, and clicking a dataset in the legend toggles it on/off from displaying on the chart. Is there a way to have all datasets start out as toggled off? So instead of having to eliminate all the sets the user does not want, they can choose only the sets that they DO want?

  3. Hello again!


    I am having a minor issue with displaying my data the way I ultimately want to.


    I have a 2D Column chart being provided data in the format: .240, .250, 12.0 etc


    Fusioncharts seems to append a 0 to decimals so that it looks like: 0.240, 0.250, 12.0 etc


    is there a way to remove the leading zero?


    I looked here, but couldn't find quite what I was looking for



  4. Hi!


    This might clarify the question:


    In the documentation, this function is used to change/set data for the chart. : myChart.setXMLData("<chart><set value='100' /></chart>");

    The XML string wants data for the entire chart, from <chart> tag to </chart> tag. I want to be able to update an individual set of data. (the <set> tag.)

    For example, in this chart below I would like to be able to modify the blue and green column tags and values without changing anything else in the chart.FirstChart.jpg

  5. Hi, I have a 3DColumn chart created by a PHP class which charts the stats of 10 users.


    Initially this chart loads, and charts all 10 users' stats.


    My end goal is to have a html <select> tag with multiple enabled to allow me to view the chart with data only for the x/10 users I select from the selector.


    Is there a way to set just the <set value='foo' label='foolabel'> data? instead of the entire graph tag and parameters too?


    Thank you!