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  1. Hi,




    We just purchased a license and I'm already successfully using feedData method with AngularGauge, but get an error when using SparkColumn.swf with the feeddata method.




    JavaScript TypeError exception: chart.feedData is not a function.......... even though I have specified &registerWithJS=1 like I do for AngularGauge





  2. Hi,




    I'm using FusionCharts v3 with GWT and am trying to get real-time updates from the DB.


    (an XML won't work because I need user specific data display)




    I can't seem to make a plan old servlet call in my Data.xml (ex. dataStreamURL='http://localhost:8888/com.ints.central.ui.Dashboard/Ticket) to a ticket servlet because GWT complains.




    I can't make a GWT RPC call because there doesn't seem to be a way to feed the result into the data feed.




    I can't seem to make a JS to Java call in GWT because GWT is managing my entire app and I don't have a "page centric" model. GWT does everthing in one page.




    I'm considering Java -> JS call but managing the timing of the updates from Java seem like an awful option.




    Has anyone done anything similar or have any ideas? I would really like to buy a site license for GWT but can't unless we solve this problem.