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  1. I have on my page a zoom line. I have maximum about 700 points on it. (One for each day for a period of 2 years.) Because it's a lot of points, he groups some of those days, so if I stand on one part of the graph it will show me that the change in the line happens on 3-5-11 while the actual date is 2-5-11. Is there any way to show the actual date? (Look at image to get example.)


    The second thing is: there are too many labels on the X-axis. Can I limit the amount of labels to, say, 24?


    Thanks in advance!


  2. Hi,


    Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


    Could you please send us a screenshot or any live link of your requirement?


    Awaiting for your response.


    Thanks for the welcome. :)


    Attached you will find two screenshots of one chart. The one named "Original.bmp" is how the chart shows up when I load the page. The one named "Preffered.bmp" is how I would like to see the chart when I load the page.



  3. I have an XML that shows me multiple lines (a Multi-Series 2D Line Chart). To keep things tidy, I'd like to hide some lines from the start. I've found an example to set the line thickness to 0.1, but then I can't change that. What I want to accomplish is to hide the line as if I clicked on the ledgend. But without the clicking. Is there an XML option I can set? I did not find this in the docs on your site, nor through google.


    Thanks in advance!