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  1. Hi, Help Needed.

    Does RenderChartHTML's Dataurl support .JSON file?

    this is what I have wrote but it shows nothing, so, i've wondering that does RenderChartHTML support .json file?


    Literal1.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("MSLine.swf", "data.JSON", "", "charts1", "650", "200", false);


    A decent answer will be very helpful. Thanks to those who tried to answer.

  2. Hi,

    Im new in Fusioncharts, can i pass the whole page into setDataUrl(); for example: SetDataUrl("data.aspx");??


    *insde this data.aspx is a JSON format data. for example "data":[ { "label": "8001", "value": 1560 }, { "label": "8002", "value": 923 }]