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  1. Hi,




    I am not sure the program is intended for this kind of use: I have a FM Server / client solution running on Windows 2003 Server / XP (clients). Users access FM files using TCP/IP protocol and an opener file (they do not directly have access to any server file, neither the server has any shared folder). I do not plan to access FM databases over a web server.




    1.- Is it possible to deploy your software under this configuration?




    2.- Where should I place the files in the server? Say I already have a FileMaker/MyDatabase folder in the server and do not want to change location of the FM daqtabase file because of the hazzle in programmed routines and client access. Can I just place your Chart folder inside and leave our databse in the original location?




    3.- Should I configure the charting locally and then deploy in the server? Or may I directly program over the server? (this would be my prefered option)




    Thanks in advance