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  1. I've been using colors to distinguish between multiple data sets in line charts, pie charts and bar charts. I've recently started to get some complaints from my color-challenged users that it is hard to differentiate the colors and they'd like some other visual indicator.




    Is it possible to add shading (using lines) to bar charts and pie charts to make datasets stand out visually? Any other options besides color?

  2. Is it possible to apply a style to Caption text so that it is centered instead of left-justified?




    My caption is set to something like "1stLevel nSecondLevel" (that's a newline between 1stLevel and SecondLevel) which comes out:






    I'd like it to look like:








    (BTW, I'm already using the SubCaption -- I need to center the caption text)

  3. The eval version of FusionCharts has the following title on every chart in the top left corner: FusionCharts Evaluation - An InfoSoft Global Creation




    Is there anyway to customize this for my own site? Instead of using a Caption, I'd like a box at the top where I can include my site name.