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  1. Hi,


         We are trying to render drill down chart .below is our xml .When we see the preview in Edit+(CTRL+B)  .Links are working but when we open that html page in any browser links are not working.



    Calling code :


        var myChart = new FusionCharts("Column3D.swf",
                                    "myChartId2", "100%", "250", "0", "0");

                                swfUrl : "MSColumn3D.swf",
                                renderAt : "ststusbycategory",

                                overlayButton : {
                                    message : 'close',
                                    fontColor : '880000',
                                    bgColor : 'FFEEEE',
                                    borderColor : '660000'
                            }, 0);






    <chart caption="Team Wise Lead Count" xAxisName="" yAxisName="" bgColor="f4f4f4 b5b5b5">
      <set label="Team1" value="250" link = 'JavaScript:myJSFunction("newchart-xml-250-leadcount")' />
      <set label="Team2" value="75" link="newchart-xml-2005-quarterly" />
      <set label="Team3" value="150" link="newchart-xml-2006-quarterly" />
      <set label="Team4" value="80" link="newchart-xml-2007-quarterly" />
      <linkeddata id="250-leadcount">
        <chart caption="Team1 :: Lead By Status" subcaption="" xAxisName="" yAxisName="" bgColor="f4f4f4 b5b5b5">
            <set label="NEW" value="50" />
           <set label="ACCEPTED" value="75" />
           <set label="SUBMITTED" value="75" />
           <set label="CANCELLED" value="50" />
      <linkeddata id="2005-quarterly">
        <chart caption="Team2 :: Lead By Status" subcaption="" xAxisName="" yAxisName="" bgColor="f4f4f4 b5b5b5">
           <set label="NEW" value="20" />
           <set label="ACCEPTED" value="25" />
           <set label="SUBMITTED" value="25" />
           <set label="CANCELLED" value="5" />

      <linkeddata id="2006-quarterly">
        <chart caption="Team3 :: Lead By Status" subcaption="" xAxisName="" yAxisName="" bgColor="f4f4f4 b5b5b5">
            <set label="NEW" value="25" />
           <set label="ACCEPTED" value="50" />
           <set label="SUBMITTED" value="55" />
           <set label="CANCELLED" value="20" />

      <linkeddata id="2007-quarterly">
        <chart caption="Team4 :: Lead By Status" subcaption="" xAxisName="" yAxisName="" bgColor="f4f4f4 b5b5b5">
          <set label="NEW" value="15" />
          <set label="ACCEPTED" value="25" />
          <set label="SUBMITTED" value="30" />
          <set label="CANCELLED" value="20" />


  2.  I have configured all files .it is showing in stand alone example like asking below prompt and then it is rendering .but in web application server it is not asking any prompt and not rendering .I am using IE 8 so any kind of IE settings needed .



    chart  = new FusionCharts(chartType,chart,widht, hight, "0", "1");




  3. function disPlayChart(chart,renderComp,chartType,chartData,widht,hight){

        chart  = new FusionCharts(chartType,chart,widht, hight, "0", "1");


    this is my method to display charts .It is working fine when enable flash player plug in but if flash player is disabled showing like below .

    when i tried as stand alone aplication it is working fine .but in web application  it is coming like below .

    The only thing i am doing Enable falsh and test Disable flash and test .

  4. the below code is showing loading chart please wait in IE with out flash plugin


    function disPlayChart(chart,renderComp,chartType,chartData,widht,hight){
        chart  = new FusionCharts(chartType,chart,widht, hight, "0", "1");


    What to do it must run with out flash also .IE 8 and IE 9

  5.  Hai ,


            My Fusion charts are showing properly in IE 8 and IE 9 also but in some systems those are not showing and giving Message "LOading Chart Please Wait "


    If flash is not avalible fusion charts render using java script as my knowledge concern .But what could be the reasons for showing "Loading charts " message

    What interner expolrerer User must need to set his browser settings .If suddenly not appear in any system in which areas i should check to render a chart .





    Pavan Kumar

  6. Hai


    Below is my tag

    <set label =''Lead' value='10' link ='../../../LeadManagement/Application/Calendar/Calendar.jsp?' />


    My issue is when click on link it is showing loading in status bar not not going to that page but if i open and close and then click on chart it is opening link

    why it is showing loading for first time .why the link working for if not cache .


    Thank you .



  7. Hai

    I have implemented 4 level drill down chart .now i am trying for 4 charts are four types .like first level is pie second level is bar ..and so on ....For main chart it is getting ok because we are giving swf file name.From second level i am using configureLink function my issue is if i give pie for second level all other levels getting pie .can u check my code have to implement any thing.




    <%@page import="org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils"%>


    String chartSWF = request.getParameter("chartSWF");

    String strURL = request.getParameter("strURL");

    String strXML = request.getParameter("strXML");

    String chartId = request.getParameter("chartId");

    String chartWidthStr = request.getParameter("chartWidth");

    String chartHeightStr = request.getParameter("chartHeight");

    String debugModeStr = request.getParameter("debugMode");

    String registerWithJSStr = request.getParameter("registerWithJS");


    String childCharts = request.getParameter("childCharts");

    String childChartOneSWF = "Column3D.swf";

    String childChartTwoSWF = "Bar3D.swf";

    String childChartThreeSWF = "Column3D.swf";

    //Childern Chart SWF Files

    if (chartSWF.contains(",")) {

    String childChartsSWFFile[] = chartSWF.split(",");

    if (childChartsSWFFile.length > 0) {

    chartSWF = childChartsSWFFile[0];


    if (childChartsSWFFile.length > 1) {

    childChartOneSWF = childChartsSWFFile[1];


    if (childChartsSWFFile.length > 2) {

    childChartTwoSWF = childChartsSWFFile[2];


    if (childChartsSWFFile.length > 3) {

    childChartThreeSWF = childChartsSWFFile[3];




    int chartWidth = 600;

    int chartHeight = 300;

    boolean debugMode = false;

    boolean registerWithJS = true;

    int debugModeInt = 0;

    int regWithJSInt = 0;


    if (null != chartWidthStr && !chartWidthStr.equals("")) {

    if (StringUtils.containsIgnoreCase(chartWidthStr, "per")) {

    chartWidthStr = chartWidthStr.toLowerCase();

    chartWidthStr = StringUtils.replace(chartWidthStr, "per",




    if (null != chartHeightStr && !chartHeightStr.equals("")) {

    if (StringUtils.containsIgnoreCase(chartHeightStr, "per")) {

    chartHeightStr = chartHeightStr.toLowerCase();

    chartHeightStr = StringUtils.replace(chartHeightStr, "per",




    if (null != debugModeStr && !debugModeStr.equals("")) {

    debugMode = new Boolean(debugModeStr).booleanValue();

    debugModeInt = boolToNum(new Boolean(debugMode));


    if (null != registerWithJSStr && !registerWithJSStr.equals("")) {

    registerWithJS = new Boolean(registerWithJSStr).booleanValue();

    regWithJSInt = boolToNum(new Boolean(registerWithJS));



    <div id='<%=chartId%>Div' align='center'>Chart</div>

    <div id='<%=chartId%>ExportData'></div>

    <script type='text/javascript'>

    var chart_<%=chartId%> = new FusionCharts("<%=chartSWF%>", "<%=chartId%>","<%=chartWidthStr%>"

    ,"<%=chartHeightStr%>", "<%=debugModeInt%>","<%=regWithJSInt%>");


    <%if (strXML.equals("")) {%>



    <%} else {%>

    // Provide entire XML data using dataXML method




    /* FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); Forcing to render by javascript*/


    chart_<%=chartId%>.configure("ChartNoDataText", "No Current Records To Display");//when there is no reocords message




    chart_<%=chartId%>.configureLink (


    swfUrl :"<%=childChartThreeSWF%>"


    }, 0);


    chart_<%=chartId%>.configureLink (


    swfUrl : "<%=childChartTwoSWF%>"


    }, 0);


    chart_<%=chartId%>.configureLink (


    swfUrl : "<%=childChartOneSWF%>"


    }, 0);




    //Below Code for Exporting chart as .jpeg,.png and .pdf files

    var myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcExporter1", "FCExporter.swf");





    * Converts a Boolean value to int value<br>

    * @param bool Boolean value which needs to be converted to int value

    * @return int value correspoding to the boolean : 1 for true and 0 for false


    public int boolToNum(Boolean bool) {

    int num = 0;

    if (bool.booleanValue()) {

    num = 1;


    return num;



  8. Hai can u give a small example for below algorithm


    When i click on any bar in my chart it should call one JavaScript function and it will show one alert box . i tried with below code but could not get .please give be runnable example .


    i tried with below code but no affect.

    // ---------------- Event handlers ---------------------//

    var objL:Object = new Object();


    objL.linkClicked = function(targetObj:Object){

    trace("Data belonging to " + + " was clicked");


  9. hai


    I have a drill down chart and if clicked on one chart its openning another chart for this i have prepared dataXML and execting fine but when i clcik on last chart Bars it needs to do some job realted to java

    how to over ride onClick Event of drill down charts thats to only for last chart .Nothing but when i clcik on last chart it needs to call our frame work Files


  10. Can u provide sample example of saving as image . i am unable to see Export chart little icon too .What still i have to do


    String dataXMl= <chart exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportHandler='fcExporter1' exportFileName='FusionReport' >.......</chart>





    <div id='<%=chartId%>Div' align='center'>Chart</div>

    <div id='<%=chartId%>Div1' align='center'></div>

    <script type='text/javascript'>

    var chart_<%=chartId%> = new FusionCharts("<%=chartSWF%>", "<%=chartId%>","<%=chartWidthStr%>"

    ,"<%=chartHeightStr%>", "<%=debugModeInt%>", '1');


    <%if (strXML.equals("")) {%>

    //<!-- Set the dataURL of the chart-->



    <%} else {%>

    // Provide entire XML data using dataXML method





    /* FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); This line will force fully render chart in javascript mode*/

    chart_<%=chartId%>.configure("PBarLoadingText", "Loading Chart. Please Wait.....");

    chart_<%=chartId%>.configure("XMLLoadingText" , "Loading Chart. Please Wait.....");

    chart_<%=chartId%>.configure("InvalidXMLText", "Invalid Data ");

    chart_<%=chartId%>.configure("ChartNoDataText", "No Current Records To Display");

    //<!-- Finally, render the chart.-->




    var myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcExporter1", "FCExporter.swf");



  11. hai i have added exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportHandler='fcExporter1' exportFileName='FusionReport attributes to my chart tag then now can see the save as jpeg,png labels .after clicking on that it is showing capturing data after it has to show save button as in examples provided in docs but that save button is not showing to me .have to use any other swf file or where is my mistake

  12. Hai i have a little confusion please clarify please .


    My code is like



    <%} else {%>

    // Provide entire XML data using dataXML method




    //<!-- Finally, render the chart.-->



    i have flash player installed in my pc .because of my this line of code



    is chart is rendering using java script or using my flash player installed .if i keep this line, is it only uses java script to render .if i remove this line and user having not installed flash player how to make him alert to install falsh player .

  13. hai

    i have dash boards .Each dash boards call a fusion chart.jsp and all those dashboards refreshes for every n seconds .It is working in mozilla .but in google crome after refreshing my dash boards (Refreshing fusionchart.jspss) The complete browser is going into disable and it is not allowing to do any operation .When cokes to IE Same issue with one error message .I have observerd in other PC s with same version of google


    crome and IE it is working fine .where is the issue and what is the fix .





  14. Hai

    For Drag node charts we are giving x and y axis values .But when i am creating my graphs i am selecting data dynamically so i canot have chance to give x and y axis .Is there any option that fusion charts decides x and y axis automatically my its sequence of lines or like Ids any option .Your Reply will solve a lot of issues .

  15. Hai i have Dash boards on starting page .Each Dash board is a Zkoss panel .i have a ZKoss component HMTL

    i am setting the resultant fusionchartrender.jsp to that content .my content is below .it is showing chart in a panel

    If i maximize a panel or minimize a panel onPanelMaximizedHelper method will call and fusion charts.jsp is calling automatically by resizing that

    But in another secnario i am not clicking on panel manually .i am maximizing panel by code like





    The same method executing in two secanrios(one by manual event and other by code) variables ,values everything coming correctly but chart is not generating( fusionchart.jsp is not calling) after maximixing through code it is showing empty .If i minimize that empty panel agin chart generating by calling fusionchart.jsp



    Here if i manually resize then only fusion chart.jsp is calling why ?



    -------------------------------dashBoardCreate class ---------------------------------


    public void onPanelMaximizedHelper(Panel panel){

    Panelchildren pc=(Panelchildren) panel.getChildren().get(0);

    Html html=(Html) pc.getChildren().get(0);

    Portallayout portLayout=(Portallayout)panel.getParent().getParent();

    tring HtmlContent =html.getContent();


    making some change to HtmlContent














    //Here my html content

    Html chartFormHtml = new Html();

    htmlCode.append("<form id="+formID+" target="+iFrame+" method='post' action='/BCMSWeb/Charts/FusionChart.jsp'>" );


    htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='chartID' value='"+chartDetail.getChartId()+"'/>");

    htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='strlXml' value='"+strXML+"'/>");

    htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='swfFile' value='"+chartDetail.getSwfFile()+"'/>");

    htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='width' value='"+chartDetail.getChartWidth()+"'/>");

    htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='height' value='"+chartDetail.getChartHeight()+"'/>");


    htmlCode.append("<iframe id ="+iFrame+" name="+iFrame+" border='0' frameborder='0' height='"+chartDetail.getiFrameHeight()+"' width='"+chartDetail.getiFrameWidth()+"'></iframe>");

    htmlCode.append("<script type='text/javascript'>");

    htmlCode.append(" document.getElementById("+formID+").submit();");