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  1. *********** Contact Me ************


    Hello FC Project Admin,


    I'm an expert in FusionCharts technologies.


    I'm available for all types of contract work in FusionCharts.


    I'm very comfortable with JavaScript technologies and will make your FusionCharts work properly.


    High-quality end product guaranteed.


    Contact me at [email protected]

    *********** Contact Me ************


    Currently have a web application that utilizes fusion charts through third party report wizard.

    Want to circumvent report wizard and use FC api direct.


    Application is mysql/php on a codeignitor framework.


    If interested please PM me.


    Thank you,





  2. Hi,


    If you are looking for a FusionCharts expert, you can contact me at [email protected]


    If have numerable experiences creating dashboards using FusionCharts. Please contact me on that email if interested.



    Dashboards Guy.


    I'm Brand Spanking new to Fusion Charts.... Don't know much about it, other than I like the way they look, and I want to build a "Dashboard" to track some things in my business.


    I'm looking to Hire some ASAP, that would be interested in helping me put together some simple (well I think so anyway) Charts.


    Please PM on here to discuss/get started on this ASAP..