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  1. Hi Team,

    Previously we were using Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system and SharePoint 2010, and Fusion Charts were working very fine.

    Now we upgraded the system to Windows Server 2012 R2 and SharePoint 2013.

    On Production environment (Which has 2 web front end servers) we faced the issue with Fusion Charts, and we had to reset IIS to resolve the issue every time.

    Can you please help me with this?


  2. Thanks Sanjukta for your reply. :)


    But I need something like, if its column chart then it should look like




    Y  |

        |    No Data To display



                    Some Value(X)



    X and Y axis should be visible with the message. Is it possible?


    I hope you can understand my drawing, as I am not good at.  :)


  3. Hi,


    I am using Fusion Charts in Sharepoint (not collabian charts) in custom webpart. Now the flash files are kept in 14 hive folder.

    But I want to put them in sharepoint document library. Can I use the files from sharepoint library?


    I am using


    Label1.Text= FusionCharts.Render("http://servername/sites/sitename/foldername/file.swf", .......)


    Its not working. Please Help..

  4. Hi,

    I know how to export fusionchart to pdf ,

    but it should be achieved without generating image(report) on my page.

    For example : I have custom button, and on the click of that button directly I have to save a pdf with report on fixed path(don't want save dialog box.)

    I dont want to show report on my page. It should generate(export) to pdf internally and should save at destination.

    (can i use xml file to export to pdf. how??)

    Please can u help me?

  5. I am using fusion charts but still I am confused about the flash player required for Fusion chart.

    I have two set ups of flash player Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin.

    When I install Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX , It shows Charts in IE 8 but not in mozilla firefox.

    and with Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin. It shows charts in Mozilla but not in IE.

    Should I install both for browser compatibility ?