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  1. What is the possibility of getting Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and also the District of Columbia (aka DC) added as insets to the US States map in the same manner you show Alaska and Hawaii.


    Yes, I know DC is already part of the US states map, but it is so small that noting the color of it almost impossible. If it could show n as inset that would be helpful


    I know there is a seperate Puerto Rico .swf map if users need to zoom in. Can something be done for the US Virgin Islands, with the 3 islands treated as counties?


    Maybe you would keep the US (States) map as is but also publish a US (States and Terr) map too.


    Our project gets periodic exposure in Congress whenever things like PR or DC is diminished at the "State" level view our client (A gov't agency) gets harsh words about.



  2. The Missouri swf has combined two counties as one.


    St.Louis,189 and St. Louis City, 510 are both drawn, but they are both referenced as 189. Dragging over the 189 polygon or the 510 polygon selects both. Setting values for 510 are ignored.


    How soon will this be fixed and a new missouri.swf be sent to me?