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  1. I guess I didn't explain it very well.


    I'm using a HLinearGauge to allow users to select a range of values, in this case currency. They are selecting what cost they would like to purchase an insurance policy. My linear gauge works fine, I can use the pointer to slide back and forth and select a currency value. No problem. However, the values that show up are not values that the policy supports. For example, I can select a value of 24,289 (see screenshot). I don’t want that I would like either 24,000 or 24,500. So I would like to force the linear gauge to only select increments of $500. So, …, $15,000, $15,500, $16,000, $16,500,…


    I've attached a screenshot of what my linear gauge currrently looks like.


  2. I'm new to Fusion charts so if this is something obvious then rack it up to learning...


    While it editMode I would like to have the pointer only "select" values is $500 increments. In the example below my range of values are 2,500 to 50,000. Using the pointer a user could only select 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, etc.


    So far I haven't found an attribute that will allow me to do this. Any ideas?


    <chart manageResize="1" origW="450" oriH="125" editMode="1" bgColor="FFFFFF" bgAlpha="0" showBorder="0"

    upperLimit="50000" lowerLimit="2500" numberPrefix="$" gaugeRoundRadius="5" chartBottomMargin="30" ticksBelowGauge="0"

    placeTicksInside="0" showGaugeLabels="0" pointerOnTop="1" pointerRadius="14" chartLeftMargin="25" chartRightMargin="30"

    majorTMColor="868F9B" majorTMHeight="10" majorTMThickness="2" pointerBgAlpha="0" pointerBorderThickness="2"

    majorTMNumber="1000" minorTMNumber="0" showToolTip="0" decimals="0">


    <colorRange><color minValue="2500" maxValue="50000" code="F6BD0F" /></colorRange>


    <pointers><pointer value="2500"/></pointers>


    <annotations><annotationGroup id="Grp1"

    showBelow="1"><annotation type="rectangle" x="$chartStartX+2" y="$chartStartY+2" toX="$chartEndX-5" toY="$chartEndY-5"

    radius="10" fillColor="D6E0F6" fillAngle="90" borderColor="868F9B" borderThickness="2"/></annotationGroup></annotations>




    <style name="ValueFont" type="Font" bgColor="333333" size="10" color="FFFFFF"/><style name="RectShadow" type="Shadow" strength="3"/>


    <application><apply toObject="VALUE" styles="valueFont"/><apply toObject="Grp1" styles="RectShadow" /></application></styles>