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  1. I am creating a gauge chart to show spending as a percentage of budget. At the amount spent I am placing a trend point which displays the spending percentage of the budget. Sometimes, the spending is so close to the budget that the trend line is so close to the right of the chart that the trend point display value does not show up. How can I make sure the trend point display value always appears even if the trend point is nearly all the way to the right border of the chart?


    See attached for an illustration of the problem. (Note: I added in code that when the trend point (based on the percentage) is beyond 100%, it displays at 100% even though the display value is greater than 100%)




  2. I have a few gauge charts stacked one on top of the other. Each gauge chart has 2 trendpoints: one a solid line with a percentage label, and one a dotted line without a label. When I just have the solid line trendpoint there, the labels show up in the right place (right above the trend point). However, when I put the second, dotted trend line in, the label for the solid trend point in every other chart goes all the way to the left.


    See attached images.


    What can I do to fix this?



  3. I can't seem to get a canvas shadow on my muti-series spline chart. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code:



    chart: {

    bgcolor: "ffffff",

    bgAlpha: "0",

    valuePadding: "5",

    canvasBgColor: "f4f3f3,d9d9d9",

    canvasBorderColor: "ffffff",

    canvasBgAngle: "120",

    showAlternateHGridColor: "0",

    canvasBgRatio: "50,50",

    canvasBorderAlpha: "0",

    divLineColor: "6E6E6E"


    styles: {

    definition: [{

    name: "canvasShadow",

    type: "shadow",

    angle: "180",

    color: "ffffff",

    distance: "10",

    alpha: "70"


    application: [{

    toobject: "canvas",

    styles: "canvasShadow"