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  1. Hi, i am using a FusionCHarts XT v3.2.1 and i would like know why the "scaleRecursively" property not working correctly.

    I'm Following the example found in "http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/?DrillDown/JavaScript.html" in the topic: "Recursive Number Scaling".


    the chart configuration:


    <chart  ... defaultNumberScale='s' numberScaleValue='60,60,24,7' numberScaleUnit='min,hr,day,wk' scaleRecursively='1' ...>


    I'm receiving numbers like "5.67 min" instead "6min 7s".


    What is wrong?


    Thanks in advance for your help! :)

  2. Thank you. I will try explain better, Is it possible build a linked chart using 'onMouseOver' event instead 'onClick' Event to render the linked chart (a new chart)?










    A warm welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


    FusionCharts XT does not expose onMouseOver event. So, calling JavaScript function onMouseOver event is not possible.


    However, if you want to implement JavaScript function for the individual data-plots then, you can use "JavaScript functions as links" feature.


    You can invoke a JavaScript function present in the same page (in which the chart is present) when the end viewer clicks a data element on the chart.


    For more information, please refer the following link: