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  1. Hi,


    What I mean is if type of column is not datetime, the code will not be able to identify whether the data inside that column is datetime value or plain text value. And even if we forcefully check and convert words like 'Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar' etc to datetime fields there'll be still issues which can arise such as:

    1. Conflict with the Month name e.g. 'Jan' or 'January'

    2. Things will be more complicated if data contains month text in different language other then English.




    I understand, Thanks for your help.


    Best regards

  2. Hi,


    I am afraid, you missed to attach the screen shot.


    Regarding the issue, could you please make sure that the column type for Month field is of DateTime Data Type? And could you please also post the screen shot of the wizard after moving to "Select Fields" step and highlighting the columns which you use for Grouping and Drill-Down?




    column type for month is "Choice" , and the 12 monthes are listed in the Choice-Window. If the column Type is DateTime users can't enter a month ? I attached the differents screenshots. ?I'm working in a german country, so: "Monat" = Month . Thanks for helping me !