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  1. Hi Swarnam,


    Thanks for the update.


    I want to achieve this with the Jasper reports using Fusion Charts.


    I have tried all the ways, the Pie slice is exploding only on clicking on it.


    I would like to avoid the clicks and to show All the slices exploded when the graph is rendered.



    Please help, if you have any idea,

  2. Hi,


    Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


    No, it is not possible to slice out the pies all at the same time. However, the pie slices can be sliced out initially at the time of rendering.


    <chart caption='Company Revenue' showPercentageValues='1' >
      <set label='Services' value='26' isSliced='1'/>
      <set label='Hardware' value='32' isSliced='1'/>
      <set label='Software' value='42' isSliced='1' />


    Hope this helps.