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  1. I'm using the trial version of FusionChartsXT and have the same problem. I haven't purchased your product yet but I basically need the same thing. I'm running a ColdFusion 9 server and have an automated email going out on a schedule. I need a graph product with trend areas where (through ColdFusion's Scheduler, not a browser window) FusionChart graphs can be saved into CF's temp directory and then inserted into an email as images). I haven't yet found another graph product that supports trend areas (not trend lines - colored in trend areas). However, that's a secondary concern next to simply being able to get images of the graphs in email messages.


    If it's not possible to do at all, I'd love to know that for sure. If it is possible, I have not seen any step by step guide or anything beyond fragmented information on how to do it. One thing I'm having trouble with is it looks like everything in reference to this goes back to a CF .CFC component file designed to open a dialog in a web browser for saving an image. I need the graph to be generated and saved without a web browser being involved. I'm talking about CF Scheduler calling an HTML page designed to use savecontent and cfmail to email out an HTML report page.


    If your product really can't do this at all please let me know. It's obviously the best looking graph engine I've seen and the only one I've yet found that supports trend area's which I really need (but most importantly I need graphs in email). I've seen some very confusion information referencing a JSP script to do this but I have never used JSP pages and from the information I've seen, I have no idea how to set this up.


    Thanks You,