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  1. Hi Rahul-
    I'm new to Collabion, so am sending the mock-up I did in Excel (which I'm targetting to recreate when we move to Sharepoint as a datasource), just to make sure I have all my bases covered:
    Dummy Data: Data in Excel used to create the excel template post-42303-0-94117000-1366640045_thumb.jpg

    Sample Chart: The heatmap I created in Excel using the data above, which I'm trying to recreate in Collabion/Sharepoint as closely as possible post-42303-0-64355900-1366640080_thumb.jpg


    Sample SP List:  I put together a mock list with the attached mock entry (there are two total)  post-42303-0-48044600-1366640125_thumb.jpg


    Sample Chart from Sharepoint: I've entered two placeholders by which I'm creating my heatmap- this is what I have so far.  To gain perspective, I'm trying to present a visual of where the impact/likelihood aligns on the 0-10 scale.  post-42303-0-53226700-1366640189_thumb.jpg


    I hope that all makes sense?