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  1. The problem was the width and height of the chart (be sure to set it to a higer value, 500 for example). Even though it was working when rendering the chart in the first component, for the second module it generated these kind of issues.

  2. Hi,


    I have a Pie3D chart that is rendering well on one Flex component. But when I try to replicate this chart within another module only the "Loading chart. Please wait ..." message is displayed (no graphics for the chart). These two modules are integrated into the same Flex applicaiton.


    There are also cases when the "TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
     at com.fusioncharts.components::FusionCharts/initConn()[D:\Repository\FusionCharts For Flex 1.3\Development\Flash_Builder_3\src\com\fusioncharts\components\FusionCharts.as:567]" error is generated.


    The FusionCharts.swc and the XML data provider are valid, otherwise they will generate errors in the first use case.

    Do you have any idea what could be the problem?





  3. Hi,


    If you get an "Invalid Data." message, it means that the XML/JSON data is malformed.


    Please ensure of the following in your data plots:


      -Missing closing tag for any element.

      -If you've double quotes as part of your data,Encode them to " Example: <set label='John says "Hi" to all.' />

      -If you've single quotes as part of your data, Encode them to ' Example: <set label='John' house' />


    If still the issue persists, please provide me the data XML or a live URL that may help me to replicate the issue at my end?


    Awaiting response.



    I think that this issue is generated by the XML string beeing to long. If I remove the "color" property then I can see the information for all the machines.



    Thank you for your help!


  4. Hi,


    I'm using the ScrollColumn2D chart that needs to display 460 items (bar charts). So far I was able to display only 445 such columns, but if I try to display all of them the "Invalid XML data" message appears.


    Do you know if there is a limitation regarding the number of maximum items that this chart supports? If yes, can you please give a solution!


    The XML looks similar to this one:



         <category label="A1"/>




       <dataset seriesName="Sum">

         <set value="0.21" link="S-A1;_warning" toolText="Name: A1 PM status: Warning" color="0xFFFF00"/>







  5. Hi,


    I'm new in using the fusion charts, so this may sound a little bit silly.


    I have an array collection, where each item has the following structure: {color:"0xFFFF00", name:"Item 1"}. When trying to render the chart, I get an "No data to display" message.


    As far as I've seen, the problem is that the library searches for the "value" attribute. In this case the items in the array collection do not provide such a property. Instead, I want to render the "name" attribute (and not the "value" one). Do you think It is possible? How can I do this?