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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Steps taken when using the charts within SharePoint:

    • Access home page within SharePoint and open a list.
    • Site Actions then edit page
    • Add web part and select "Collabion Charts for SharePoint"
    • This adds in the blank web part. I then select "Collabion Charts Wizard"
    • Within the wizard I select the data provider as SharePoint list and connect

    It's then when I get the error. It also occurs when I try to select an old chart that was working previously. I have attached as a TXT.


    I will also try disabling and re-enabling the service on the server to see if that helps.



    Collabion Text file error.txt

  2. I have recently updated the Collabion Charts for SharePoint. This was carried out on the SharePoint server. Since then I cannot create any new charts or import any existing charts without getting the following error.


    SharePoint 2010


    Has anyone had this error? Does anyone know how to remove.

    Any questions or more info required let me know. Screen shot or error attached.