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  1. Hi guys, Im using fusion charts within flash. I have a main movie clip which is the main app (done in as3). This then loads in an as2 file with the fusion chart and passes it the xml. This works fine no problems. Until i load in a second chart. Once i do this the chart only draws the last column (if im using 2d/3d bar chart). The xml is there ok, and it adds the correct labels at the correct hight, but doesn't draw the actual bars! I don't quite understand why its doing this as its a separate swf that's being loaded in each time. Do the fusion charts store some information somewhere, would this be the issue? could i maybe clear this info? here's an image of what the first chart looks like: here's what the second chart looks like: heres the xml i am sending to the chart: Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, LK.