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  1. Looking for an update on this bug:



    If the user has Flash 11 (out since 2011) on their system, the FusionChart Flash component will make *two* requests for the XML. This is easily verifiable using a simple HTTP trace utility like Fiddler. In a simple test case taking from your documentation, I see


    GET /fusionCharts/Data.xml HTTP/1.1

    GET /fusionCharts/Data.xml?FCTime=172 HTTP/1.1


    in the HTTP request trace.


    The duplicate request is a show-stopper since the back-end would have to unnecessarily query for the data twice each time a chart is used. Is there any kind of work-around for this?




    Mike Oliver

  2. Okay, but is there an intended fix for the bug? Detail:


    1. Using the resizeTo() function does not work for a chart that has been drilled down

    2. Calling render() after drill down will re-render the parent chart, not the drilled down chart.


    Because of #1 and #2, I cannot use pixel sizing for drill down charts. I will try % sizing for the chart as you suggest, adjusting the container HTML to accommodate this, but ideally, it would be good to know if fixes to resizeTo() might be forthcoming.




    - Mike

  3. Hello,


    I'm having an issue using the resizeTo(width, height) function with drill down charts. I'm using the latest release of Fusion Charts XT. I'm calling resizeTo when the browser resizes so that our chart takes the full dimensions of the HTML area we have reserved for the chart. This works fine for the standard chart. But, when we're using drill down charts and the user has drilled down, when the browser is resized, nothing  happens. If instead, I call render() with the new dimensions, the parent chart is what is generated, not the drill down - which is not desired.


    Any solution for this?




    Mike Oliver