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  1. Hi I use the following code to try to get the pointer value from an editable linear gauge.

    The Jscript:

      <script language="javascript">

      //FC_ChartUpdated method is called when user has changed pointer value.

      function FC_ChartUpdated(DOMId){

    alert("in function");


    //Check if DOMId is that of the chart we want

    if (DOMId=="myChartId"){


      alert ("passed check");

      //Get reference to the chart

      var chartRef = getChartFromId(DOMId);

      //Get the changed value

      var pointerValue = chartRef.getData(0);





    Currently the DOMId I pass in is the ID of the Chart object as per:

    var myChart = new FusionCharts("fusion/Charts/HLinearGauge.swf", "myChartId", "450", "120", "0", "0");


    This is how I call the function to get the value:

    <input type="button" name="test" value="test" onClick="javascript:FC_ChartUpdated(myChartId)">

    2 Questions stem from this:

    1. Upon clicking the button, I never get the alert "passed check" which means the DOMId isn't getting matched..... what am I doing wrong here?

    2. How do I actually take the value and instead of putting it into an alert box, actually add it into the post or put variables when the form submits? is there a way to write it to the value of a hidden field?

    Thanks in Advance,