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  1. Yeah! You can. We will update the docs soon!


    Now q1, q3, min, max, median and md, sd, qd, mean can be given directly as attributes of <set> element.


    If the value attribute is given in <set>, then the chart will calculate these values automatically.

    So great!

        Which version contains this? I check the docs ,But I can not find it!

        Would you give me a sample? 

       Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi,


    It is not possible to draw regression lines of Scatter chart manually.  FusionCharts calculates regression line automatically based on the data provided.


    But as a workaround, you may provide data points in the dataset element in your XML/JSON data and connect them using "drawLine" attribute of dataset element. 


    Hope this helps.

    Thanks a lot !

    Finally I override the method 'getRegressionLineSeries' . 

    Add a parameter to control that whether to use my provide data