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  1. Hi,


    Thanks for your response.


    Please try the same by setting <enableLinks='1'> attribute inside the <chart> element.


    If there are any links defined on the nodes, you can opt to start the chart in link mode (rather than dragging mode) by setting this attribute as 1.




    Right click on the chart, click on the "Enable Links" option to enable links in your chart.


    More details at: http://www.fusioncha...ode.htm#Anchor1


    Hope this


    Thank you for the fast answer, it's all Ok now :D ! I searched through the docs but somehow I missed this :D

  2. Hi,

    I have the following problem: My chart is being refreshed every 5 sec, the chart export time is bigger then 5 sec, so I need to start / stop the refresh when the export begins/ends.


    I'm using server side exporting and the export is done via JS:


    function saveChartAsImg() {

    var chartObject = getChartFromId(chartId);

    if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) {

    chartObject.exportChart({exportCallback : 'saveChartAsImgCallback'});




    My XML looks has the options:

    "exportEnabled", "1"

    "exportAction", "download"

    "exportShowMenuItem", "0"


    I need the "exportAction" set to "download" but then the callback will not work anymore.

    What sholud I do ? :)


    Thanks in advance ! :D :D :D

  3. The attribute "forceDecimals" is set to '1', but it seems that this affects only the values that have some decimals ( value: 5,034,044.349 is converted to 5,034,044.35 ). My problem is: for the numbers with no decimals, the extra zeros are not added. This is not so bad...but the chart looks a bit unorganized.

  4. Hello,




    I'm using a Scatter chart and I can't force decimals on the Y axis. I want to add the extra '000...' at the end. Now the chart shows me: "5,340,343" instead of "5,340,343.00". Each number must have 2 decimals even is they are '00', is this possible ? ( I set the attribute yAxisValueDecimals=2 )




    Thank you v much ! :)

  5. Hi, the link above is very useful, but my problem is simpler ;).


    I want one label for one column.




    The label content has a lot of chars. Label content example: 'FirstName1 LastName1 FirstName2 LastName2'. I want the label to be displayed on two rows, with the line break after 'LastName1', like:


    FirstName1 LastName1


    FirstName2 LastName2 .




    If possible the label should be rotated diagonally:D. Is this possible ?

  6. The chars are correctly displayed horizontally.




    My code uses a JspWriter ( inside a custom tag ) and when I try to write the byte just gives me a jsp error, because the bytes are written inside the jsp ( html ) code. Am I doing something wrong ?