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  1. Hi! I have a map with countries. When I hover over any country area it changes color. If markers are defined on map(for example in shape of circle) and I try to hover over those markers, country area is not changing color(it only changes color when I hover over contries area and not markers inside that area). Is there a solution for this problem or it's not possible for contries to change color when you hover over both(markers and contry areas)? I have searched all over internet on how to solve this but nothing similar was found. Thanks
  2. Hovering over markers

    Could it be possible using MarkerRollover event(color chanage for entity when hovering over both entity and marker)?
  3. Hovering over markers

    Is it even possible to change color for entity when hovering over markers? If it is could you please point to some materials written about that or show an example?
  4. Hovering over markers

    Hi! My problem can be reproduced by using your map builder - http://docs.fusioncharts.com/maps/Tools/GUI/FusionMapsGUI.html When choosing Europe(All regions) map and defining marker on this map(and hover color is enabled) my issue can be seen. Bellow are map xml from your map generator: <map animation='0' showShadow='0' showBevel='0' showMarkerLabels='1' fillColor='F1f1f1' borderColor='000000' baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize='10' markerBorderColor='000000' markerBgColor='FF5904' markerRadius='6' legendPosition='bottom' useHoverColor='1' showMarkerToolTip='1' > <data> <entity id='01' /> <entity id='02' /> <entity id='03' /> <entity id='04' /> <entity id='05' /> </data> <markers> <definition> <marker id='marker1' x='246.82' y='247.17' label='my marker' /> </definition> <application> <marker id='marker1' shapeId='circle' /> </application> </markers> </map> If you will just copy and paste this xml information into your map builder and press "Update Map" on XML Output tab then this problem might not show up. It's better to define marker from Markers tab.