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    Please note, when you render a Pie chart in Flash mode, the Pie chart has mouse listener added to rotate the pie slices along with mouse. When one mouse event is registered in any component no other external mouse event works on that component. A very simple example is an HTML page with page scroller and it contains a TextArea with a scroller. When you scroll that page, it scrolls normally. But when you keep mouse cursor on the TextArea and try to scroll the page with mouse scroller, the TextArea will be scrolled with mouse.

    This is the reason why the Pie2D chart is avoiding mouse scrolling on the page.
    As a suggestion, you may try using JavaScript variant of Pie 2D chart.
    Hope this helps!



    The problem for a long time, your work time under the convenient said?

  2. Hi,


    If I understood your requirement correctly, you could set "plotSpacePercent" attribute to a value between 0 - 80 in the chart element, which will change the column width accordingly.


    if my label only one, how to write?

    >>Do you have a requirement of plotting more then one column having only one X-Axis label?


    Please clarify your requirement with a screen shot.


    For more information on "Column 2D Chart Specification Sheet", please visit the link:


    Hope this helps!


    Awaiting your response.

    yes,only one X-Axis label ,An X coordinate point is still very thick after using the property. Can it be a little thinner?


    ,i want to look at the effect of the attachment


  3. Hi,


    Do you want a line to be drawn in the middle of the chart canvas? If yes, then it is not possible to do so directly. But as a workaround, you may have a dataset with color set as black and with all its set elements with the same value. You may set the alpha of its anchors to 0 so that the anchors are not visible. By doing this, you may have a line in the middle of the chart canvas. Please find an attached XML and a screenshot of the chart obtained.


    If this is not your requirement, could you please mark it in the attached screenshot so that we can understand it better?


    Awaiting your response.

    thanks ,i want this! :D