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  1. Add dataset javascript

    Hello, Is it possible to add a serie to the dataset and reload without loading all chart again ? thanks luis bessa
  2. Add dataset javascript

    it wasnt what i really wanted but its working
  3. Change data values in drag line

    Hello, Is it possible to change data values of a dragline graph with js? I want to be able to drag the line or change the value on a table. regards, Luis
  4. Hi, I'm using heatmap and the dataplotclick event. Using args I can get to which datavalue I'm clicking and then i want to change that point properties, is that possible? For example: clicking in a heatmap point I want to change it alpha value. Thank you and hope you understand my needs, Bessa
  5. Hi! I would like your help I'm trying to get a circle in the end of the dial (between the angular gauge radius), can someone give me a tip how i can accomplish that ? I was trying to do it with annotations but its hard to establish the (x,y) needed for the center. Thanks, Luis Bessa
  6. angulargauge annotations

    Sorry for long time no talk, Thanks for your answer but it wasn't quite what I wanted. Let me show you what I've accomplished for better understanding. The dial end I was talking its the one with that darker green circle.
  7. angulargauge annotations

    New day new hopes I manage to do it with some mathematics, but is it doable with macros for gauge position ?
  8. Hello, I'm here to ask if it is possible to change the HoverColor for each column instead of plotFillHoverColor attribute for all chart. thanks in advance, Luis Bessa
  9. Ahh i saw it now.. normally i would search only on chart attributes but now i saw the data plot configuration ( Thanks again regards, Luis Bessa
  10. Thank you, it is perfect! Did i miss it in the docs or its not there yet?
  11. Tooltip in Trendlines of Bar2d

    Hi! How does it work? I'm using the attributes toolText as said in docs but failing on getting the tooltip working.. Thanks, Luis Bessa
  12. Tooltip in Trendlines of Bar2d

    ups! I had zero value in the attribute showTooltip of the chart configuration.. didn't know it would disable trendlines tooltext too. Thank you!
  13. Tooltip in Stacked Area 2D

    Hi! I'm willing to have a tooltip in the stackedarea2d graph with the datavalues of all series in a table. Is it possible with macros? If not, as i'm doing now, i'm able to get the table on the category tooltex the problem is that it keeps the value on the tooltex.. how can i disable it? Thanks, Luis Bessa
  14. Tooltip in Stacked Area 2D

    Hi! I see.. big radius with 0 alpha and the problem is gone thank you
  15. Tooltip in Stacked Area 2D

    It worked! As I'm here already may I ask you another doubt, is it possible to show the tooltext when hover on area and not only when hover on anchor?
  16. Tooltip in Stacked Area 2D

    Hi Nabajeet, I want the data from same category of all series in the table. I will try it on in set element
  17. Legend configuration

    Hi! I was looking into the documentation but i can't find what i want, is it possible to configure the width of legend? As you can see in the image, i want 2 rows of 5 columns with the legend, but i would like it to stay in line and not wraping up thanks, Luis
  18. Legend configuration

    I've used that attribute for 5 columns like I want. It always have 10 categories and I want them in a 2x5 matrix. The problem comes when the category legend text is to big for the default width and so it wraps that legend. Can you understand me? Maybe I'm not explaning it right
  19. Hello! Is it possible to do vlines on Scroll Stacked Column 2D ? I'm using it to show some hourly values over a week or so, and i would like to have banded by days, is it doable? thank you, Luis
  20. Scroll Stacked Column 2D - vLines

    Thank you! I was doing it on the category element and not between them That fiddle is perfect for me, how could I didn't see it before.. And again thank you for the quick and accurate response
  21. showLabels=0 not working

    Thank you! Please change it in your next review of documentation to avoid others like me
  22. Chart rendering

    Hello, Is it possible to give the selector of the DIV instead of the ID ? As i have a dynamic DOM and i'm not using any ID on the DIV's that would be nice. Thank you, Luis
  23. showLabels=0 not working

    Hi! I've been trying to get "xAxislabelStep" to work but failed to accomplish it. Can anyone help me? thank you
  24. multiline tooltip in heatmap

    Hi! I'm using <br> for it and its working
  25. Chart rendering

    My mistake, sorry! I read i could pass the DOM element but i was passing it wrong.. forgot to select the children element index.. :/ dumb me!