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  1. Hi Luis,


    Please correct me if I am wrong, what you want is to show all data in a series as table in tooltip or data of all series as a tooltip?


    I also suggest you to use tooltext in set element rather than in category to get the desired effect.


    Waiting for your reply to provide any further assistance.


    Hi Nabajeet,


    I want the data from same category of all series in the table.


    I will try it on in set element ;)

  2. Hi!


    I'm willing to have a tooltip in the stackedarea2d graph with the datavalues of all series in a table. Is it possible with macros?


    If not, as i'm doing now, i'm able to get the table on the category tooltex the problem is that it keeps the value on the tooltex.. how can i disable it?



    Luis Bessa

  3. I've used that attribute for 5 columns like I want.


    It always have 10 categories and I want them in a 2x5 matrix. The problem comes when the category legend text is to big for the default width and so it wraps that legend.


    Can you understand me? Maybe I'm not explaning it right :D

  4. Hi,


    Please note that "vLines" are vertical separator lines that help you separate blocks of data. These lines run through the height of the chart, thereby segregating data into different blocks. In scroll charts, it is used between <category> elements.


    Also, you can use annotations (since FusionCharts v3.4) to display vertical bands wherever you intend to, as displayed in the following link.



    Hope this helps. :)


    Thank you!


    I was doing it on the category element and not between them :)


    That fiddle is perfect for me, how could I didn't see it before..


    And again thank you for the quick and accurate response