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  1. Hi,


    Can you help me with a simple chart I am trying to configure?


    I have a small set of data as follows


    Schedule As of Jan 2014 Current Forecast Nov-2018 Original Contract Nov-2016


    and I need to create a chart as attached. The issue I am having is it doesn't seem to recognise dates as a scale on the y-axis. I can only set value for the y-axis min and max as numbers and the bars do not show.


    Is this possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.


  2. I am having a problem with a chart recognising dates from Excel correctly. I have a simple table in a spreadsheet which is published to SharePoint Excel Services. The table has two columns, the first are dates and the second numbers.


    I have selected the Excel file, sheet and table cells range in the Collabion Wizard and when I click View Data it shows the data from Excel incorrectly.


    In the Excel file the dates are in the format dd/MM/yyyy and are displayed as MMM-yy eg. 01/11/2012 => Nov-12 but in the View Data panel of the Wizard the same date is showing as 2014-11-12T00:00:00


    How can I get Collabion to recognise the correct dates?


    Also, assuming the correct dates are shown how can I get the x-axis labels to show MMM-yy?


    I am using version v1.1.8 on SharePoint 2010 Enterprise.