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  1. hover multiple entities

    I have a custom map with about 800 entities that is planned to be used as a seating map where people can pick seats. Selecting one and one seat work, but the challenges is if someone is booking multiple seats (which should be done in one click), how can I make the hover color to also cover the two nearest entities as well? Ketil
  2. Entity Click Event

    Hi, I have a custom map which is going to be used as a seating map and I need(!) this functionality as well. I have read this thread which seems to be aiming at the same: This kind of works, it selects the seat, men after a couple of seconds the sheet seems to reload the data and clears the marking. Has anyone tried something similar?
  3. Integer support

    I have the same problem. When counting people the graph seems very silly berfore you get up to a certain amount of people. Anyone from FusionCharts that can comment on this?