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  1. We are evaluating Fusion to include in our own products and we have run into an issue that we cannot figure out and wondered if anyone else has seen (or solved) this problem. Our application is ROR 2.3.3 and we are using some simple views (at the moment) to render the charts. Since there are several chart types we are passing arguments back from the VIEW to the Controller using standard RoR methods. Our URL (/charts/current_piple_line_by_stage.xml?chart_model=opportunity&type=funnel) is properly in the dataURL section and retrieves data, however the 3rd argument type=funnel is never sent to the controller. If I paste that URL directly into the browser all arguments are valid, so we are assuming that somewhere it is being stripped out. Has anyone successfully passed more that one argument (not counting the :id) ? Is there something about the dataUrl that Fusion strips items out ? Any insight would be very helpful.
  2. Data URL not passing all arguments to XML Request

    Perfect. That worked. I escaped the entire url (versus just the params) and it worked. Thanks for the prompt and great suggestions.
  3. Data URL not passing all arguments to XML Request

    That seems to not make a difference. I pulled the object code out : We do not get the test value returned as a parameter. If we run that on the URL directly, the proper parameters are passed and the XML data is properly returned. It seems like something is stripping any other parameter after the first. We even tried passing it as an array and only the first entry in the array (index = 0) is in the parameter.