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  1. Hi All, I`ve download your trail version and I want to test it and see if its what im looking for. My question: is it possible to update the Flash real time ? I`ve change the XML variables and the board only update when I press F5/refresh. Is it possible to made the flash read the new variables from the xml file and update every X minutes ? Or I have to press F5 every time ? Thanks & Best Regards, Doron Caspi
  2. Real time updating

    Hi All, Im not that in to JavaScript. Can some one share an example ? Thanks.
  3. Real time updating

    Thanks for you mail, I dont work with aspx. I just want to add the ajax to html file is it possible to do so ? Thanks, Doron Caspi
  4. Real time updating

    Hi All, I dont use aspx. or any. We want to make it local board on our office to cound the numbers of Tickets we have. We have the HTML that read from the XML. I just want to config some file (xml or the html its self) to tell the Flash to update from the XML every X min or something. is it possible ? Thanks Doron Caspi
  5. Real time updating

    Sorry, but I never worked with AJAX, you have any example ? I saw the refreshInterval='3' and i tried to add it to the XML file but it didn`t help. If you can show me a way to tell the flash to read again the Value from the XML file it will be great ! I made a script that change the Value in the XML and do refresh to the page, the problem is that when I refresh the Flash load again. and its not Real time updating. Can some one please update code or any example for my issue ? Thanks ALOT for you help! Doron Caspi
  6. Real time updating

    Hi Basundhara, I didn`t fully understand how you can do that. I tried to read the manual but I didn`t understand. Can you please show me an example for this issue ? Should I add a Line in the XML ? How can I tell the flash to read the new data ? I mange to update the xml by VBscript but i can only see the update after I refesh the page. Can you explain how we can do that ? Thanks, Doron Caspi Infoteck Basundhara Ghosal