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    Thanks for replying back.
    Can you please elaborate your query so that I can help. Do you want to change the background using css? If you don't want to use "bgcolor" attribute you can alternatively use  containerBackgroundOpacity :'0' and set your background as per your div.


    For further information regarding this check this fiddle link

    Hope this helps.



    Works perfectly! Thank you :)



    Yes it is possible to change the background color of the map by setting this attribute


    For further information regarding this please check the fiddle link 

    Hope this helps.




    Hiya and thank you for your reply!


    I'm more wanting to have no background whatsoever rather than setting a background.


    Best Regards,


  3. Hiya Everyone,


    Reference JSFiddle


    I am trying to fully remove the default SVG background which is white. Browsing the documentation and online finding these forums, I came across several answers which seem to be chart specific providing the following solutions which worked for the person asking the question however have not worked for myself;

    "canvasBgAlpha": "0"
    "containerBackgroundOpacity": "0"
    "bgAlpha": "0"

    Is it possible to completely remove the default white background on the Fusion Maps?


    Thank you,